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Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Welcome to the city of dreams was posted on a note in the courtyard. With wide eyes the young Gatekeeper stepped thru the portal, a room formed in a circle met her as she entered. Alcoves are carefully sculpted out from a large center piller. Each holding a different item. Curiosity in full bloom she makes her way around the pillar touching each item with wonder " what strange things they have here" was her thought[once she made her way all the surrounding way finds another portal. Curiosity compels her to step thru. A large room with a table in the middle greets her. Upon the table rests a strange object, a colorful circle of sorts, she is seconded to pick it up. It's a chalk ram! " Well this is neat" she thinks as she picks it up and fires it as instructed. She darted around the room shooting at nothing particular :pew she mummers with glee with each shot. She looks around for the next portal after placing the chalk ram back on the table. "What could be next" she thought as she stepped thru.

With wide eyes of wonder she scans the room taking in everything. The dreamers of light portal was the one she chose it called to her. The glorious golden color was amazing. There were many others running about, all very friendly and eager to help her get her dream legs they called it. After a few days she divided she would venture out and hunt for emphants! She had made her way to the Burrows where everyone said was a good place to start. Lots of sand littered the ground, she took off her shoes so that she could feel it between her toes "what a beautiful place" she thought. The sky was amazing she was mesmerized. As she made her way room to room she finally encountered an Enfant! She drew her blade as they had instructed her and began her attack, running forward slicing the beast and running backwards. After a few strikes she froze in horror, her eyes wide, as she heard the Enfant say...." Do you want some candy little girl?" She ran for all she was worth following the candle sticks back to thresh as they told her too. The enphant hot on her trail! They said they couldn't follow you thru the portals! I'm going to die! They lied!.. Finally, the portal to safety was in view. She burst thru the portal to thresh and collapsed against a wall out of breath and terrified. Everyone in the room immediately came to her as the Enfant came thru the portal she screamed and started talking in bit and pieces no one could make out what she was saying and tried to calm her. Once she started to calm down and breathe normally, the Enfant approached her and introduced him self as cyber bob and explained that he possessed an art that allowed him to turn into an Enfant. Everyone laughed and tried to assure her that she was ok, and he wouldn't hurt her.

Moral of this story is never trust what you see it very well maybe something else. We are in a city of dreams after all.

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