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Advisor FAQs

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:52 pm
by Butterfly
Where do you fit in the hierarchy of the house?
Essentially Advisors are a step between Guardians and Rulers. We are not Seneschals/Guides in the traditional sense.

What "powers" do you have?
A Guardian Advisor (one who was ascended from the rank of Guardian) will have all the abilities of that rank.
A Ruler Advisor (one who was ascended from the rank of Ruler) will have all the abilities of that rank, but not those of the Guardian Advisor. Specifically the art of Dreamer's Cup Arena.

What is the cost of ascending an Advisor?
50,000 Prime artifact strength

Can an Advisor ascend themselves, like a Guardian can ascend to Ruler?
No, an Elder needs to bestow the mark/station of Advisor

Do Advisor crests drop after an absence like other ranks?
This is still unclear as none of the current Advisors have yet to lose theirs

Will you lose your Advisor position, as a Guardian Advisor, if you ascend to Ruler?
None have tried this yet, so we do not know.

What is the purpose of an Advisor?
This will depend on the house the Advisor is in. In my case, I was a Ruler and Guardian of Calenture for a long time and most often fell into an advising role within the house.

Please let me know if I have missed anything }'|'{