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The repair of the Alliance Telescope and the Search for the Heart

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The repair of the Alliance Telescope and the Search for the Heart

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The Repair of the Telescope

When the dreamers arrived to assist with the repair of the telescope, I took everyone to the telescope room. I began with a speech on what I was going to be doing, replacing a broken gear and replacinng the two lens in the telescope itself.

We went down to the bottom of the column, where I opened the floor panel and climbed head first in. Dina held my feet as I tried to remove the bent and broken gear. I asked for the dreamers present to cast Free Action so the gear would easily come out, but alas it wouldnt budge. I then asked for the dreamers to concentrate their will so i would be able to remove the gear, this time it did come out and it crumbled into dust. I ask Dina to take the new gear and grease it up with the Grade A Agoknight fat we keep in a vat. She then passed me the gear, which i carefully slipped into the machine. It snaped in perfectly. I then closed the floor panel, after of course i had aid getting out. It was then time to replace the lens. I went to the other side of the column and opened the small hatch and pulled the lever, metal bars began to emerge from the column to create a ladder. I went and tugged the first rung, the ladder clicked and locked. I climbed to the top of the column. First removing the casing the large lens, I carefully slid it out. Putting it in my pack and pulling out the new one, I asked the dreamers to assist by blasting me and the lens with Vision. The lens slide into place, a perfect fit. I moved to the other side of the telescope, and begun to remove the casing for the eyepiece and then removed the lens. Again I asked for the dreamers to blast both myself and the lens with vision. The new lens slide into place. I replaced all of the outer casings, and then climbed down. I pushed the lever that retracted the ladder and closed the small hatch.

Now that parts had been replaced, it was time to test the telescope. I went to console and open the small compartment and flipped the switch that turned the power on. A small humming was heard. I then went to the view screen at the base of the column and looked. I was so surprised, I could make out what looked like the rift. It had worked, I called Dina and Arny to come and see the viewer. They each looked and were able to also see, though it was out of focus. I asked Arny to continue to look as I worked on the focus. We got it clearer, and I then went to the console and opened a small panel, i turned the dials and flipped the switch. I felt the light shining on me from the telescope to the large screen. I then went and adjusted the focus again until all could see.

It was a success. Now it was time to prepare for the search for the Heart pieces.


The Search for the Heart

With the telescope working again, it was time to try to assist in the search for the heart. Again once the dreamers had arrived to assist, we moved into the telescope room. I opened the side panel and wheeled out the Grade A Agoknight Fat Vat. I asked Nathan to use the fat to grease the gears before we made any adjustment to the position of the telescope. I then used the console to power up the telescope and the turn on the view screen so everyone could see. As the telescope reacts differently for different foci, I asked Raz, a Fatesender to look and see what she saw. Tamarisk assisted me by handling the adjustment levers and focus dial. Suddenly as the panel lights up, the lense on the telescope begins to spin towards the west. It is working, next we have Nathan take a look as a Soulmaster. the telescope begins to move again, slightly to the right, then to the left as the lense begins to zoom in and out. Next, is a Dreamseer, Lio comes up and looks in the viewer, the lense zooms as far out as it possibly can go and a relfection on the lense can be seen of a golden house in the distance. Now at this point we have no Gatekeeper present so I ask everyone to see if they sense any Darkmares. It is has been noted that the Darkmares seem to be near where a peice has been been found in the past. As everyone was trying to see if there were DarkMares around, Tamarisk adjusted the telescope on last time when as the lense continues to zoom, it twists and turns and a small green emblem of the Dreamers of Light can be seen. At the same time the dreamers began to since Picco was about, and it seems she was heading to DoL.

Everyone met up at DoL and Picco was there, the celebration hall was warded and Dina asked Picco to let them all in and she did....Picco asked Dina to help with the drill. Dina got help from others and all tried to pull it out along with Picco. the walls were starting to cave in and Dina asked jade to help with her willpower to keep the room from crumbling all down, some of the ceiling did, but they managed to keep it from being destroyed all together. then Dina had some herbal oil and rubbed it against the drill. picco was then able to pull the drill out. when that happened, tattered scrolls went flying out. picco took off with one but Dina told picco to stop. picco complied and handed over the scroll to Dina. We then went to go back into the hall but Jade had warded it again. Picco broke thru the ward, and we all followed, searching for the last scroll when suddenly two more dropped. We all searched and Jade stated she had them. She read them to us. and then we left.
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