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** Torn Notes **

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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** Torn Notes **

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Entry #1:
I hate writing in this thing.. I guess that's why I tear them out after I write them.. I only write this crap down because I have too...
Here I was.. Giving Arnaya another chance.. Why? I have no idea like literally she has to be the most obnoxious know it all i've ever met.. I don't know how many times i've told her I kind of look at her like a sister she refuses my generosity.. It baffles me till this day that she fails to acknowledge the many deeds i've done.. I literally got DreamStruck for her and her house.. No one seems to give two shishkebabs about that.. None the less I can care less if they acknowledge me or not. I give up. I tried to give Arnaya another chance and she turned me down yet again.. This time by walking away as i'm talking to her.. Completely rude.. After that she wanted too disrespect me a bit in the sanctuary.. Tsk..

I caught their asses red-handed at the event like I knew I would.. It turned out.. Well let's just say it turned out.. The entire city seemed to attack me. Dreamers who I couldn't believe were shooting at me during Kaihan's little memorial.. Pfft. If they care about the guy that much they'd have already made him a shrine and a statue somewhere in his honor. None the less I digress I don't really care about that either. Regardless.. Now I know where some of these dreamers stand..Yet.. I kind of understand why some of them shot at me. It was the perfect opportunity to look cool for the city. To look like you're on their side.. Sadly enough though.. You're on the wrong side of the field yet again.. You see right when I want to turn over a new leaf you lot always make me want to revert back to doing chaotic things because I feel outnumbered.. I've sacrificed an avatar before to gain power over my foes, collapsed entire houses afterwards.. Well.. maybe I over-exaggerated, I almost collapsed their entire house. Still to gain victory I will go to any length.. Why does this city test me so?

I have no choice.. None are brave enough to actually stand with me in combat.. All of my so called.. Pfft.. Allies.. Cowards the lot of them. Those who have no combat skill I do not blame them, but some of you who call yourselves my allies.. Yet stand by idly while I am under assault.. Well.. Let's just say you won't be welcome at the party when it's all said and done. I grow tired of attempting to be a nice guy and then having it thrown right back in my face.. I was literally trying! Like I even gave the city a new chance at redeeming themselves. Yet here we go.. Back at square one.. You citizens of Underlight are pathetic, and I don't mean all of you, but if it stung when I said that then you are someone who should feel these words. You are nothing but a waste of my space and I finally understand why you lot attempt to blockade me from my path. You fear me. You fear what I will become. You fear the power I will hold in my hands... Yet.. My question is why? Why do you fear a powerful Lu Chaos?

Is it because you think I will exert my might on you? You think I will try to dictate your dreams? Pfft.. Like I have time to do that! I'm too busy dreaming my dreams to the fullest.. That's what this place is for!! Yes, I know it's a little weird I want too gain all this power, and be the strongest and blah blah blah.. But why shouldn't I? I didn't grow up in the Lyran city.. I am Idoaclesian, we had dreamers and we had titans. Elders if you will. I refuse to allow my city and your city.. Don't know why I have to make that clear.. I refuse to allow it to be destroyed by titans or darkmares. It won't happen, not on my watch.. Yet..

You know something i'm tired of rambling.. It was me versus almost ten tonight.. I was attacked by Dreamers I thought were my allies. They all took at shot at me, seeing the perfect opportunity.. Bahaha.. Don't think any of this goes unnoticed, you''re going to pay for this. The lot of you. You will force me to take it out on your peers, and seeing as to how fragile this cities citizens are.. I doubt you'd be able to handle the pressure.. I grow tired of working with you.. Now I must do what must be done.. To the... Actually i'm not going to say anything anymore, the time for talking is over. The time for shooting chakrams all the time is over. Step one begins now.
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