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To mini or not to mini

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To mini or not to mini

Post by Butterfly » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:28 pm

Indulge me a moment as I digress into history. When I was first asked to write a support task, I was excited. I would be able to task a teacher, a Master Teacher, that I would otherwise never be able to task. I had to think outside of the codex, and push both my creativity and theirs.

Back to present now. I feel that minis are essential, not for the Master Teacher so much, but for the newer teachers within our city. When one has a Train of 1, unless there is a learn task needed, you are pretty much out of luck. Writing a mini for a Master Teacher not only gives you the chance to test out your tasking skills, but you can also receive valuable feedback from the Master Teacher. In addition to this, many minis can be concepts that are not able to be full tasks on their own. Minis also give opportunities to break up more extensive works.

While the true intent of the mini task is to support a Master Teacher in training themselves, I believe it is imperative to remember all of those within the teaching community.

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