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Welcome Center Monthly Update

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Welcome Center Monthly Update

Post by LadySilver » Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:31 am

The Center is welcome to all now and just off Provenence in Threshold. We have three wonderful rooms. The main room holds the services and a cache of newlies items. The Chamber of Harmony has the information that tends to lend themselves to new dreamers. The Chamber of Unification is for returning folks and the guilds and houses. It has all been such a wonderful success and will give to the dream for years to come. Forgive any omissions of changes I was not told about. The Center would not be what it is without the help of so many.

Active teachers would be those seen in two weeks. If you don't see you name let me know. These scrolls are in the Welcome center and update as much as daily. This update will be the second Saturday.

Current Information for Services:
Newly Awakened
Have you seen them! It's new dreamers to the Dream. Remember when you were new? We needed all the help we could get. Note please they might not be newly awakened by the art.

Coen (FS), Fraw Feldun (GK)

Returning Dreamers
Guess who I saw in Thresh! Please welcome them back and lend them a hand getting their dream legs back.

Blana, brother timothy, Buzzz, Dar' Canon, Liolira, Stormy Edwards, Sorsha, Zsa Zsa

Teaching Elders
These are the dreamers with four colored haloes. They can assist with any teaching issues and are a great resource to the dream. The current Teaching Elders are: Akkadian, Coro Myst, Davina, Princess Rivin

Master Teachers
Master Teachers are the ones you see about with two haloes of the same color. They are the Teachers of teachers but can assist with several teaching aspects of the City. The Current Master Teachers are as follows: Master Teachers: Arlyana Jax, Arnaya, Dina, Em'et, Golah, Jade, LadySilver, Off Kilter, Purple Lace, Tamarisk

Teachers of Focus
(DS): Apothos, Arlyana Jax, Erasmus, Fang X, frey, Kelos, LadySilver, Off Kilter, Purple Lace, Tamarisk
(FS): Em'et, Kailee, Magnum-425, Starling, Sorsha
(GK): Cyborg512, Jade, poppygirl, Xererth
(SM): Arnaya, Dina, Druce, Nathan, Uthanatos

Nmoto - Jade

House and Guild Caretakers
Leonard Scruff

Sphere Teachers
Arlyana Jax, Arnaya, Dina, Em'et, Jade, LadySilver, Off Kilter, poppygirl, Purple Lace, Tamarisk

Dreamsmiths these are the dreamers that can teach forge. They are fine forgers themselves. Current ones are: Dreamsmiths: Arnaya, Golah, Jade, Off Kilter, poppygirl, Tamarisk

Wordsmiths are the dreamers that assist in curating the museum and inspiring creativity and the history of the Dream. The current Wordsmiths are : Anasina, Arnaya, Jade, LadySilver, Purple Lace, Uthanatos

Mare Alert
Dark Mares
Picco, Azwrath, Annibuul, Skwrrji, Feircco, Zzifd

Dream on! ~LadySilver
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