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Arnaya's Selection of Venoms

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Arnaya's Selection of Venoms

Post by Arnaya » Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:38 pm

I've been asked to share some of my favorite poisons here, despite some misgivings about the potential mis-use of them. If you believe you have been afflicted with one of these, please let me know, as I do know and have the antidotes for all of them available.

Phantom Dust: This dust is created by mixing powdered ashes of a plague victim, with dried and powdered belladona, as well as a half measure of purple lotus powder. It’s then mixed with a tenth measure of water, and boiled. It’s primary effect is on the mind of the victim, causing them to hallucinate while their body drops into a near catatonic state and eventually the heart ceases to beat, resulting in death. In much smaller doses, it causes the heart to beat erratically, resulting in minor physical damage to the organs while imposing a slightly distant or fuzzy mental sensation on the victim.

Angel’s Crown Powder: This is a very finely ground powder of several dehydrated flowers (Belladona, Calla Lilly, Poison Hemlock, Powdered Racing Lizard Venom, in very specific measurements). It basically causes the victim to become weak and lose consciousness within a couple of minutes, before they die. Their hearts stopping. It’s completely painless, often used as a mercy or to ease someone’s death.

Demon’s Saliva: This is a poison based entirely around the distillation and combination of the Yellow Arrow Frogs skin secretions, and the saliva of the Racing Lizard. The two are distilled separately and then poured into a small (1 part to 3) bit of melted bees wax, then mixed and allowed to cool. It creates a gel like substance that can be used to coat a dart or spear. It causes paralysis within very short order, followed by death in about half of the victims, within two minutes. The other half do live, and the paralysis wears off in about twenty-minutes. In either case, convulsions lasting for a couple of minutes are the norm at about the 2 minute mark after the poison gets into their bloodstream.

Fey Breath: This is an incredibly strong hallucinogenic based off of boiled “Purple Vein” mushrooms. It creates an oil that basically makes whoever ingests it, go on a super trip where everything gets hazy and dreamlike. Odd lights and flashes of movement become incredibly intense, along with a very strong feeling of dissociation. Sometimes, this causes the victims brain to basically melt. If the “trip” lasts longer than a half hour, this is particularly likely. The victim becomes more and more lethargic, until the visions become less dreamlike and more horrific. At that point, they basically die screaming and writhing, weakly flailing as they try to fight off the lights and shapes that have turned on them.

Red Apple Surprise: This is a simple venom from concentrated Arsenic. Once its concentrated, you can put it on an apple or something... though you have to let it soak into the skin for a few before wiping off the residual paste. From there, let someone eat it. The concentrations are high enough that the victim will start vomiting blood in short order, followed by diarrhea, and death shortly afterwards. It’s a very painful way to die, and once a fruit the size of an apple or pear is eaten.. the person’s death is certain. It’s just a matter of a couple of hours.

Crimson Bloom: A subterranean snake that we call “Crimson Kiss” secretes the basis for this poison. Add 1 part Belladonna to 5 parts of the snake venom, then its boiled down and mixed with a small measure of Corn Starch until it’s a thick paste. From there, use a blade to scrape it into the blood groove of a spear tip, or the triangular tip of an arrow.

Arny’s Kiss: This one is one of my personal favourites. I have to apply a thick wax seal to my lips before using this one, and make Sure not to lick my lips. There’s a reason I basically don’t have that particular nervous habit. It’s a thin, crimson paste made from a mixture of thickened oil, boiled down with four (no more, or it eats through the wax seal) drops of highly concentrated Ball Spider venom. At least 12 ounces of the venom has to be collected before distilling. Then it has to be concentrated and condensed before being distilled again. When done, the 12 oz only leaves about 4 tiny drops. Just enough for one layering. From there, the drops have to be put into the oil, then the entire thing boiled with a little bit of corn starch until it reaches the consistency of a thick, waxy paste.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
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