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The Merchant Guild

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The Merchant Guild

Post by SnowAngel » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:10 am

Reposting this here, for future reference.

We are excited to announce and share with the city our idea for a guild that we feel is needed and
has never really been fully fleshed out in the past. The creation of a guild of merchants and the
establishment of a currency in the form of Energy (EN).

Mission of the Merchant Guild:
The Merchant Guild will provide a safe place to trade, buy, and/or sell items and services. We have
feral hunters and skilled genners who can acquire many items. Houses and freespirits have items
they cannot use but are in need of items they can. This is an opportunity for the city to truly
engage in the art of trade and currency.

Our intent is to create the city’s first real tangible economic system and form of currency.
The Merchant Guild is not, nor will ever be mercenaries and will not act in any capacity other than
self- defense (if required) while on duty at the Merchant Guild Home.
We have aspirations of further expansion into other areas over time, so stay tuned!

Merchant Guild Rules
- All business is confidential, unless both parties request otherwise
- Merchant Guild is neutral. No house or dreamer shall be placed above another, however, in
cases of war- we may choose to limit access to certain items, to all parties involved in said war,
to avoid further conflict.
- Conduct while on the premises:
o There will be no fighting anywhere without the confines of the Artisan’s Retreat
o Please be civil at all times in word and actions
o Should there be a maren or dreamer aggressor on the premises and you help defend, this may
result in a positive credit to your account or you may receive an item as a thank you.
- Failure to follow the above rules/conduct can result in loss of service and sanction.
For our part-
- Artisans and business people will be held to the highest standard.
o Should a disagreement over quality, price, or service arise, it will be investigated. We will do
our best to make things right.
o We will not show favoritism of any form, as stated above, now dreamer or house shall be placed
above another
- Any member of the Merchant Guild that is involved in a house war or issue, will wear all
chalk when on duty. Please do not attack them
- Artisans must at all times be courteous and honest with customers
- Artisans must not provoke or slander any customer when on the premise

Daily Craft
- Recharge – at your risk!
- Combining of items
- Identification of items for those without the art of ID, and a list of said items and
This service is free and only for those who do not possess the art of Identify.
Prime Banking
- We offer energy placement within our prime which will come with a small energy or item fee for
rent. Receipts will be issued, ledgers will be kept of all transactions. Your energy is guaranteed
to be returned, so long as the rent is met, and can be stored as long as you like.
- Elemental Mass Currency- we seek a guild art such as power token that will allow us to create
elemental masses with higher charges which can be used as currency or be created for freespirits,
for a nominal fee.
- Portable Energy – we wish to create a small portable prime type item that will store energy and
allow us to take it to events or places where a client may require large amounts of energy. This
energy can be that which you stored, or that which we have gathered and stored. There will be a fee
structure for such services.
- Important note about energy to be stored- We are neutral in our handling of essences. We
respectfully request that anyone with a religious leaning for a method used to deal with maren
energy, to forego using this service when depositing energy for storage. We wish no enmity with
anyone. We are people of multiple faiths. Mutual respect is greatly appreciated.
- Energy lending - Provided we have additional energy beyond what is owed back to our clients,
we can loan you, your house, your guild, etc. energy. Approval will be based on your application,
collateral, repayment arrangements, or an outside impartial auditor who can assess the ability to
- A weekly( or more frequently depending on items) board shall be posted on the city scrolls to
offer various deals, incentives, sales, services, and inventory as well as preferred methods of
payment for certain deals. All deals are negotiable, within reason. Please see one of us for more
- Any item or service that can be paid for using energy, the preferred method of payment will
be listed as EN
- All business will be treated on a first come first serve basis.
- We will act as neutral brokers for business deals between houses and or individuals, for a
nominal fee
- All sales will be final. Please ensure you are happy before finalizing the deal.

- We offer various high quality hand crafted items for a nominal fee

o These may be useful, thoughtful, silly etc, whatever you wish
o Provide a description of what you envision, we will do our best to craft it ourselves or find
someone who can
- Crafting of specialty items- these may include but are not limited to: engagement rings,
wedding rings, floral arrangements, charms, teaching tools, task tools, spare parts, training
implements, decorations, catering events etc
o Superior Crafted Items- We hope to feature elders from time to time and showcase their talents at
an outdoor forge, so that we might all see and learn something, perhaps even receive something if
they wish!
o Rules of Conduct will be strictly enforced so please follow the “Golden Rule” during any event
sponsored by the Merchant Guild.
o Important notice- Our guild will NEVER be used to forge a dreamstrike weapon of any kind, however
we may attempt, if necessary, to create a counter weapon.

- “Surprise Me” – is a free service, offered once per day per customer. If you come up to us
and say “Surprise Me!”, we will craft a random item for you.
- We reserve the right to refuse creation of items used in warfare, to any person or side not
being “Honorable”
o We define honorable as people who act with integrity. People who do not act with cruelty,
vulgarity, or within the limits of the city laws.
We will offer the following as space allows
o 3 items per person in a locked area, for a specified amount of time, payment due at time of
deposit. You are responsible for picking your item up on or before the date agreed upon. We will
allow a 24 hour grace period. If item has not been retrieved by the owner and no additional deal
made regarding said item, it becomes the property of the guild.
o 1 “Special” item- Perhaps a special sword, heirloom ring, pendant, whatever is most dear to you
and you wish not to risk it- this item would be held in a special area of the vault. Payment
expected at time of deposit. If item is not retrieved by the agreed upon date, interest will accrue
(at an agreed upon rate at time of deposit) and must be paid in full prior to receiving the item
back. This item will not be DT’d.
o A second Special item may be placed in safe keeping, but the fee and interest rate will be much
o Houses may also apply for “Special” or “Prime” storage. These would fall under the same rules as
special item 1 and special item 2.

Newly Awakened
We offer ourselves to aid the newly awakened however we are able, specializing in:
o Talismanry
o Hunting
o Basic concepts of diplomacy
o General city lore and knowledge
o These services will always be free of charge to our newly awakened dreamers
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