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House Maintainance Arts - Initial

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HikiraFang X
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House Maintainance Arts - Initial

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Bit of research for a learn task, any additions or corrections are welcome, including some time at learn for PT, and the number of supports for demote that are required. Thanks. ~Fangx

Create ID Token 20 Dreamsoul: 1.3 second cast at learn, targets essence to create replacement ID Token.

Expel 0 Dreamsoul, sends soul-sphere from a house Facade into Boggen's Lair. 1.5 second cast at first plat. Must be holding a prime.

House members 1 Dreamsoul, locates all crest members, minus caretakers. If dual crested, selection must be made as to which house
you wish to locate for. 1.5 sec cast time at first plateau.

Initiate: 0 Dreamsoul, 15 second cast time at learn, initiates a dreamer into house, must be holding prime and 100 EN.

Demote: 0 Dreamsoul 4 second cast time at learn, demotes a dreamer, or self 1 rank, different ranks may need a number of supports
to demote.

Knight: 0 Dreamsoul 15 sec cast time at learn, raises initiate to Knight rank, requires holding the prime, target be an initiate of the same
house as the prime, and 500 EN.

Power Token: 0 Dreamsoul, 10.5 second casting time at 39, creates power token while holding a prime at 50 en per charge. Learn
allows 1 charge power tokens to be made, each plat allows an extra charge per draw. Example: Level 10 PT can make 2 charge PT
but it will still cost 50 per charge, meaning in this example 100 EN will be removed but a 2 charge token will be made, so on and so

Rally: 30 Dreamsoul, 7.5 second casting time at learn. Rallies a single target that must be in target to the casters location even if in same
room. Certain places like the focal halls for teachers are not able to have rally cast in them.. If one casts and it does not work, changing rooms for the caster
of the target can resolve this.

Support Ascension: 0 Dreamsoul,15 second cast time at learn, creates an ascension support for use of a Knight to ascend to ruler, 3
unique sources required. Works on lesser mares for improving or testing purposes.

Support Demotion: 0 Dreamsoul, 4.5 second cast time at learn, creates a demotion token. Works on lesser mares for improving or testing
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