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Screchethan Kabal - Project Notes

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Screchethan Kabal - Project Notes

Post by -Lacie- » Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:57 pm

Her thoughts were as jagged as her nerves and her hold over her appearance was becoming a down-right chore at this point. She opens her journal and with a shaking hand, pulls the quill from her hair and begins to make notes in a smooth but frenzied style...

Journal Entry XXV

1. Cyan Chalk Elemen - Most curious behavior. Picked up in the Chasm, on the way to the Ossuary for research on invisible gens. Used 6 times; 3 times with refreshment, 3 with draining effect. Identified as a negative Elemen of -1 - 8. Recharged normally. Retried usage 6 times with same effect; 50% refreshment & 50% draining.

2. Invisible Gens - New Kabal project. Objective: determine how to detect Invisible Gens, how they stay Invisible and how to reproduce/reversed engineer them.

3. Bastion's AgoKnight - I've had enough of his crap.... get with Bastion members to determine best expulsion method and execute.

4. Teng's Crypt - Very odd that the....

Her handwriting turns to no more than pure jibberish at this point, with only a few words legible, but in a foreign tongue. The closest translation might be, "energy used with Haven creating drain on..." and then the handwriting distorts again.

She grumbles at the page and sticks the quill into her hair quickly, nearly stabbing it into her skull. The journal snaps close as she tosses it into her pack.


Screchethan Kabal
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