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cooking guide

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cooking guide

Post by Cedar » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:53 pm

guide, this. for way of catch, different fish, and some lizard, and animals, too.

catfish and mudfish - umbric lands
water in umbric ponds and sewers, not look clean, at first. and. should not drink murky water, but. can find catfish and mudfish sometimes swimming below. if catch one of these, important that after butcher fish, must clean meat. can clean meat in fast moving water or rivers, like find in trinity or basin lands. but, then after, roast. or, if can find oil, made from tallow, can fry fish meat, these.

rabbits - lower lambent lands
lot grassy pathways, on lambent lands. with stones, and trees. is good place, for find rabbits hiding, there. best way catch, is by traps or nets, or baskets. place vegetables and roots, edible ones, in middle of trap to draw rabbits in. after catch, need skin rabbit, and can save hide, it. have lean meat, them. can roast, while skewered, over small campfire away from heat. since lean, them. if too close to hot fire, will char, and burn, and not taste good. when roast, these. important to turn skewer, from time to time. that way, is even cook, on rabbit.

eels - upper basin waterways
are some waterways, in upper basin lands. enclosed, and underground. where can find lot eels, there. waterways, these, are fresh water. best way catch these, is. need be quick, with spear, or hand, yours. eels slippery, them. and easy to escape from nets. so if can spear them, best way catch. after. skin eels, and butcher, to remove meat, from them. after, roast meat on skewers, nearby fire, but not too close. can also use hot smoke, too, to cook them. tastes great, that.

river trout - evernight waterfalls
after walk up ways, through evernight lands, will find two connecting waterfalls, with pools below them. some times, can find river trout swimming in pools, these. if have net, yous, then easy to catch few. after butcher, can eat meat raw, this. or. roast nearby, since lot fires, that can find, on evernight lands. is safe to roast river trout, since not find lot beasts, that roam on lands here. so. wont be drawn to smell of roasting meat, them.

lizards - barrows
hot lands on barrows lands, perfect place, find lizards here. are lot rocks, where hide or sit on, them. move fast, them. so need use tricks, if want to catch, any. first, look for crickets, small ones, on trinity lands. collect these. then, keep stored, in canister, them. but. leave canister open, little bit. that way, lizard will smell crickets, and climb into canister. after do, then seal canister. next, go to sanctuary on barrows lands, where floor is cold, and leave canister for while, to also get cold. when lizards cold, them, act slow. so best way, to skewer them quick, so not escape. can eat few ways, these. can leave on skewers, out in hot dry air, so meat withers, this. or. roast them.

salt-water fish - island under threshold
deep waters here, and salt water, them. so if dive, you, will find lot strange fish, here, in water. all different sizes, them. some swim in groups, or, alone. some have stripes, others have spots, shiny or dull. but. can find one fish here, has yellow fins, and strange stripes, it, of yellow and brown. is medium size, so need strong fishing line, and hook. but once catch, can eat few ways, this. can eat raw, can roast, but. can also store fish, in salt. after store in salt, will last long time. so always will have some thing to eat.

if choose roast, yous. important to know which fire is good to cook with, or no. evernight lands, have lot fires, them. and. burn strong. is good for warm dreamers, these, but, not always good for cook meats. some time need weaker fire, so can be control better, for cooking. but. is good thing then that, are two fires, have best heat, them, for roasting small things. at calenture stronghold, are two fire pits, before cross bridge. fires, those, not as strong as on evernight lands. wont burn yous. and. perfect, these, for cooking. if cook here, yous. share meal, yours, with others there. is good thing, when can share meals, us.
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