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Poetry of Legacy

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Poetry of Legacy

Post by Butterfly » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:21 pm

What is the importance of those represented by statues on the Evernight Plateau? Who were they? How did they represent the house that has chosen to honour them?
Please allow me to shed some light in verse on three of them, as I am not presumptuous enough to compose one for myself.

His skin matched the house, as did his strength.
A mighty warrior and healer, balanced.
He got Calenture’s portals spinning,
Back then and now.
His voice still echoes,
His teachings still heard.
The house he loved endures.
~Kage Thraka~

Gold is the colour of Thunder’s chaks
Red is the colour of the house he served
Blue is the colour of his second focus
Black was the colour of his Advisor’s crest

She held her ground even when she stood it alone
She embraced those that no one else would
She was fire and chaos, but also warmth
She called together those of all foci
She was the heart of Calenture
~Clarity Rose~

I hope to add to these verses as the project progresses
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