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Teacher's Round Up Review 7/9/2018

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Teacher's Round Up Review 7/9/2018

Post by LadySilver » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:31 am

This is the culmination of two meetings in the past three dreams. Special thanks for the help of Akkadain, Purple Lace, Golah, poppygirl, Arnaya, Starling, Uthanato, Gorgunsun, Magnum-425, and Rafe.

Who is Who verified
Current Master Teacher: Arnaya, Dina, Em'et, Golah, Jade, LadySilver, Off Kilter, poppygirl, Purple Lace, Tamarisk, Thunderman, Vampyro
Current Apprentices: Hikari Thunderman; Magnum-425 Arnaya; Nathan Purple Lace
Current Teaching Elders: Akkadian, Caelia Kohler, ightwyn Wy'Kim, Kanto, Merciful Raien, Nessa Tre, and Varden
Current Caretakers: Caretaker Frank, Seeri and Valera Fields
Current Dreamsmiths: Arnaya, Golah, Jade, Off Kilter, poppygirl, Tamarisk,Thunderman
Current Wordsmiths: Anasina, Arnaya, Jade, LadySilver, Purple Lace, Tember, Uthanatos, Vampyro

Recent Changes in arts as of 5/14....
Simple Changes
Recall can no longer be Abjured 
Peace Aura can no longer be Abjured only used on members and the time has increased
Invisibility: The dreamer with Invisibility cannot use chakrams and all offensive Arts used are reduced by half. Invisibility is no longer countered by Vision.
Three Essense Arts Banish, Imprisonment and Cleanse changed to Resilience minors Learnable for SM at Orbit 15 non SM 35

A note from the Teaching Protocols as a reminder...
**A Teacher may not give a Plateau task for a Minor Art until the student has reached the next Sphere. (EX. A GateKeeper learns Identify at 30 and would not be able to plateau ID to 10 until Orbit 40. They would also not be able to plate

Well and Primes Updates as per Arnaya
The essence arts now work as more of a “Pre-treatment” system than an outright method of handling the essences. They can used in two ways: The first is to treat a Chaos Well, so it functions like a prime of designated type. The second, is to Pre-treat essences so they can better be managed by primes/chaos wells. An untreated essence, can go into any Chaos Well/Prime. Though aspected Wells/Primes halve the untreated essences strength. Aspected essences only contribute half their strength to an unaspect. Aspected essences can ONLY go into unaspected wells/primes (at half their strength) or a matching aspected well/prime. Banished essences will not be accepted by Imprisoned or Cleansed wells/primes for example. When a Chaos Well is aspected, all strength within it is retained and likewise aspected at the same time. So, optimal use of the essence arts, is to fill a chaos well... then evoke the manipulation art on the filled Well. Essences, when manipulated, retain their full strength.

Process explained by Uthy
Cleansing uses ordered energy to diffuse the chaos effectively neutralizing it.
Banishing, uses that same energy to carry it out of the city, rather than recycling it here
Imprisoning, uses precisely the same energy to contain the chaos...like stuffing straw in a sack
and Draining, is essentially using your own avatar as a filter you take the chaos into yourself, and it bleeds out over time.

Known issue as per Uthanatos (applies to all essense arts)

If, you banish a well, then add strength to that well, then wake and come back, or the well leaves your possession in a fashion that would require you to reidentify it....then that well will revert to the strength it was when you banished it, regardless of how many essences you put into it

It's...kind of a flaw in the system that we are hoping the city will rectify on it's own. What happens to all the strength you added after, no one knows. So, as of now, it's recommended to only process full wells

Two new arts to the Dream
Art Statistics

FS (Major)
Lucidity Cost 20
Orbit Required:
1 minute
Restricts the target to walking speed.
Plateau Effect
Faster evoke, duration increased by 1 minute
Is balanced out by Sprint.
Soul Shield protects against it. Enfeeble is that it doesn't deteriorate Soul Shield.
FA does NOT protect against it.

Art Statistics

GK (Minor)
Will Cost 20
Orbit Required:
1 minute
Increases the movement speed of the user by 50% for one full minute
Plateau Effect
Faster evoke, increase duration by 1 minute
Balances out Enfeeblement.
the art is stackable
only effects evoker
If any damage is taken, then the effect drops.
The only exception is falling damage.

Again thank you for all who assisted. Planning the next Teachers Round Up for September unless we need one before. Enjoy your Summer and the dream and stay safe. ~LadySilver
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