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Post by -Lacie- » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:17 am

Try as I may, it is completely impossible to stay away from the City of Dreams. All the meditation methods I've learned, all the herbs and potions to help me forget, all the diversions tried... have failed. All failed. I have been returned, once again, to the one place in my mind which seems to tear me to shreds each time I enter the Gates.

But enter those Gates, I have. Walk along paths which soothe me, hunt in the hunting grounds which I traverse without thought, talk to people who mean something to me... the Lure is far greater than m'own.

But this only brings on the insanity and with me, it be a weapon of greatest power and a spell which latches on and won't let go. Dreams.... oye, I have them, but now what?

Do I let my insanity run amok in the barren planes? The City barren be the perfect place to let down the facade, remove the concealment and let the real Lacie out... finally. Do I have the courage to finally allow people to Know, truly ~know~ Lace? And those who think they ~know~ Lace... will they be able to see m'true nature? Will they understand?

Do I care what other people think? Hardly...

To those who can still reach my Journals... a warning. I have worked too damn hard covering my true nature for far too long. I cannot keep m'true nature hidden much longer. I must let it flow... the Truth must be known.

I will start by finishing the ritual on the Mysterious Sphere. I have put it off long enough. I'll aim for Wednesday evening, (that's Wednesday, 7/11 @ 7pm DST) and no, I'm not putting up some silly Edict about this. Only those in the Know will be daring or bright enough to attend. I don't want the others around. It won't be safe for them.

Screchethan Kabal
Screchethan Kabal

No way to slow down...
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