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For Souls Seeking to Speed About the City

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For Souls Seeking to Speed About the City

Post by Uthanatos » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:26 am

Recently, the Idoaclesian art of Sprint has returned, though somewhat altered. I will discuss the functionality of the art towards the end. For now, I would like to begin with the basest principles of sprinting, things dreamers appear to be having more trouble with than understanding the art and how it work, Control.

We are used to the world moving at a static pace, we jog pretty much everywhere, very rarely walking and it has affected how we view distance. This being said, it is something that you cannot undo instantly, but will take time and practice. A few tips moving forward.

1) Plan - Starting out, plan a route that you are familiar with, preferably something longer and more open to allow you to get used to cornering slowly, no switchbacks.
2) Practice - Once you have sprint, the more you work with it the better, that being said, try routes you know, starting out. The familiarity of the terrain will help you acclimate to the speed more easily.
3) Pre-act - Many dreamers do this to some extent when traveling through portals, but knowing where you need to turn or jump before it's time will help you avoid getting hung up on things.

I understand all of that sounds like common sense, but many dreamers just pop on sprint and run at random, then get frustrated. Following those simple tips should help to prevent that some. Now on to the good stuff.

The art functions a bit differently than it did in Idoaclesia, so taking damage or performing a hostile action will remove it. Additionally, some fires and a certain butt stabbing claw in the pits now actually damage your avatar. Try to plan around these things, practice the routes you know contain them so that you can avoid them. Keep in mind that as of now, damage to your avatar from falling does not affect sprint.

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