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Thoughts on marriage again

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Thoughts on marriage again

Post by Elmer » Fri May 18, 2018 7:51 pm

Well folks, 10 days until my husband and i celebrate 1 year of wedded bliss. HAAA you say, wedded bliss, suuuure, but yea, i can actually say with no reservation or bullsh*t that is has been. So who cares, you say. Well you don't have to care, and it doesn't have to matter to you but i thought i would write a little something for a smile about

What Husbands Do! (this may also pertain to some of your wives,? dunno)

Husbands will have your back, whether it be quietly or IN YOUR FACE BACK OFF, they will have your back.

Husbands will laugh at your stupid jokes and likely tell you some of their own.

Husbands will kiss you with morning breath or garlic & onion breath, depending on the time of day.

Husbands will try new things if you ask them to, even if they don't really want to.

Husbands will fart and burp in front of you, it may or may not elicit a giggle. Cuz, well, better out than in! This also goes for scratching in those nether regions.

Husbands will cheer you up when you are having a horrible day.

Husbands will share their last bite of food with you.

Husbands will be honest with you, if you ask, are these pants too tight?, Do i stink? What do you think of the 'stache? should i wear a manbun?

Husbands will tackle and tickle you out of no where for no apparent reason.

Husbands will never ever laugh AT you, but with you.

Husbands will never pick on you or make you feel stupid.

Husbands will snore. they just will.

Husbands will get silly with you in a public place and not care what people think.

Husbands will take care of you like a mother hen when you are sick or if you hurt yourself.

Husbands will worry about you.

Husbands will miss you when you are gone and be crazy excited when they see you again.

Husbands will do their best to calm your fears.

Husbands will still think you are the sexiest thing alive, even if you have snot coming out of your nose, your hair looks like a rats nest, you smell like a swamp or your clothes are covered with Elmers Super Garden Gro formula fertilizer (shameless plug)

Husbands will make up hilarious names for you, i think we each have like 47 of those.

Husbands will do their best to put a positive spin on a bad situation you may find yourselves in.

Husbands will freak the eff out if you are harmed in any way and come to your rescue.

Husbands will help you with chores if you are tired & feel like you've been dragged through the umbric sewers by a horron.

Husbands will be proud of your accomplishments and always offer encouragement.

Husbands will always want to .... yea, and if they can't or don't they will explain why, lovingly.

Husbands will always be proud to have you at their side.

and lastly, Husbands will care for and about you & love you through good and bad, light and dark, sane and crazy.

So to mine, the love of my life, my best friend, my Husband, today, 10 days from now, every day in between and every day to come. Thank you for being
all of this and more. there aren;t enough words to express the depth of love i have for you, farts, burps, snores and all. Bring it!, and don't ever stop. I love you chacha.

dois corações uma alma
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