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Has it been?

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Has it been?

Post by Elmer » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:51 pm

How long has it been since you first looked my way? I remember the library, a saw a guy drowning in soup.
I just stood and stared, wondering if the guy was in his right mind, i found out later of course he was, he just really loves soup!
I remember getting new clothes, soup guy was a tailor, oh for the love of Lady Peace, those CLOTHES, i saw that guy though, taking a bit of extra time and
care, a light touch here, hands in my hair to create style where there was none, a glance there, a thoughtful - "yes, that will do nicely."
I knew that day, i would hold your heart forever.
How fast time passes, when you are having fun, and there has not been one day, that there hasn't been fun, even if just a
second of a giggle to a private joke passed through a whisper, or a playful swat.
It is so hard to believe, has it been, a year already? The first of many more to come.

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