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Uncovering the Dream Walker Temple

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Uncovering the Dream Walker Temple

Post by Riggs » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:14 pm

The Dream Walker Temple: Excavation

The Dream Walkers were a Guild in Idoaclesia that, like all factions, was unique in it's design, purpose, and structure. Unlike the Eight Great Strongholds, however, it was not apart of any of the Eight Great Planes. Indeed, it was discovered under unusual and almost, accidental circumstances. Here is my true reflection. . . .

The Dream Walker Temple was originally inhabited by Dreamers long before our time - as proven by the lost tomes and other artifacts found inside once discovered. Unlike our common Strongholds, it was shaped entirely like a Great Pyramid. While it did have the standard Mission Boards, Sanctuary, and Vaults, it did not feature a Maze, nor many 'extra' rooms such as a Patrol Hall, or Teaching Quarters. The sky was dark. . . . perhaps Darker than that of Evernight, and the steps leading up to the massive Pyramid were wide and marbled. The color of the Pyramid's stonework was a washed out white, with a good number of vines and other greenery scaling down the steps to the Entrance. I recall a couple of pools of standing water, but nothing moving in terms of streams or waterfalls. Additionally, there were multiple fonts out front that would spit out items and no pesky nightmare aiming to stand guard.

Inside, to make up for the lack of wasted space and extra rooms, there were long Halls with many different portals throughout. These portals instead lead to other *planes*, instead of simple rooms. I recall a portal directly to the Ossuary, Gloom Peaks, and the Lost Caves to name a few. These portals were non-functioning, at first, but I was able to activate a couple of them throughout the reign of the Dream Walkers, given my craft. Also, strange electro-charged mares and dreamers were displayed throughout the interior of the Temple in the Halls. This, perhaps, was to symbolize the art of war between dreamer and beast in the time of the original Walkers; or, perhaps something spiritual that represented worship; or, perhaps just a means of display, much like a museum. The tomes, sadly, were tattered and while they likely contained the answers thereof, they were in no condition to assist with the knowledge of their purpose. At the furthest end from the Entrance was a room that contained a special Generator, used for a number of experiments. . .

As mentioned, the Temple was not discovered within one of the Eight major planes. I remember spending time at the SoulMaster font in the Albino Caves one sunny afternoon with Ashton, also an original Walker of our varient. She had grown an extreme interest in excavation; which, always struck me odd considering her flawless nails and how much time I take a back seat to her filing them. But, I digress. Anyways, something had caught her eye and she simply went to work. As she dug into the sand and the bone, I assisted where able and followed her orders, not expecting to find much other than more bones, fossils, or beast teeth. Alas, she struck a bone, which we assumed was hollow, but instead was filled with water, coming from who knows where. The water, also mixed with other elements, and sand, and mud, and murk, started a landslide. Soon, we were swimming in a sea of erosion. Eventually the natural warmth of Albino overpowered the Dreamscape and dried everything up. And once the rains came again, and we sought to 'clean up' our catastrophe, a portal... hidden and new to us, was before us in the bottom of a fresh, natural cavern. Inside the portal, was our Temple.

Our current City has proven to share many of the same Structures as that of Idoaclesia. So, it always makes me wonder.... is there more to Albino than meets the eye? I implore anyone who reads this to find me, bring a pair of shovels, and let's just go and see.

- Vampyro,
Idoaclesian Historian
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