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Post by fr3y » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:57 am

A house that once stood proudly
now a shadow of itself

All vestiges of what it was forgotten on a shelf

A detached megalomaniac sits upon their throne

Who doesn't give a thought to an opinion not his own

Betrayed his house to steal a prime. left, then abandoned his next for a rulers crest

He proves his kingly valor by turning female under stress

He thinks he's lady calenture and dons a fancy dress

Incapable of honor in something as simple as a duel

One must only look in the mirror to see who is the the real fool

Such arrogant pomposity coated in foolish pride,

Allows his woman to fight in war while healing from inside

I say a prayer for a once great house atrophied through and through remember them for what they were not what they now do
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