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Dreamer Spotlight: Starling

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Dreamer Spotlight: Starling

Post by fr3y » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:34 am

I'm doing a series of interviews with returning Dreamers in an effort to better understand their personalities and rich history. Please contact me with any requests. -Frey

Q: Ok starling, tell me about yourself
A: Ok, so let's see.. a little bit about my history. During my early dreams, I was originally a member of the Order of the Sable Moon. Back when Innioc, Lusenda and Norkight were rulers. I loved the order and all it stood for. But one dream, some changes were made, I can't remember everything exactly. Perhaps ruler changes? It's been so long. I ended up leaving and joining the Union of the Covenant.

Q: Can you tell me more about the order back then.. What it stood for, before the changes?
A: It was a house of Teaching, Research and Diplomacy. Not much different than the order we are working to reopen. It was very dedicated to each of its branches. Having one ruler that oversaw each. But, they all worked hard together to try and keep the peace within the dream, and they were great at it.

Q: Which branch were you involved with?
A: Diplomacy, mostly. I was also helpful in research. And teaching, but not at the halo level, more in the - teaching new recruits about ooSM level.

Q: Is it safe to say they were pacifists?
A: They would hunt and defend themselves against dreamers and darkmares, and the like. Well.. not in the way the Alliance is. But, they were never first to start a fight.

Q: Understood, were you halo'd?
A: I was not.
Q: You seem to put off that teacher vibe.. congratulations on your apprenticeship.
A: Thank you! In my old dreams I was a supporter. I supported my leaders, friends, and so forth. I was always so busy helping support them, that I didn't dedicate as much time to some of my goals, or my arts. Since I've returned, I haven't lost that supportive nature, it's still here. But I'm focusing on trying to reach those dreams and goals I always had, because now I realize that by following through on them, I can support and help even more folks and the dream itself.

Q: So you mention changes that basically led you from the house, can you remember any specifics?
A: I honestly don't. Some things come back to me in bits and pieces. I want to think Lusenda left?
And the Union wasn't too different, as a Free Soul house. A little bit more of a fighting house, but still more on the lines of defensive.

Q: And you were close to Lucenda?
A: She was an excellent teacher and leader. The Union was great. They honestly didn't focus on the teaching aspect as much, so I filled that void for them by trying to teach newlies what i could, and by holding meetings teaching about the Union. Taking on new recruits. It took a lot more back then to join a house, than it does these dreams. You really had to meet with, mentor and support interested initiates. Starling: But they rarely switched houses, too.

Q: So you seem to enjoy aiding newlies. You picked a great time to return then, and naturally Silver would make a perfect person to work with. What do you envision in the new house, any changes from the old one you remember?
A: I honestly just enjoy helping everyone. But newlies, their wide eyes and the wonder on their faces as they see things for the first time. Isn't it amazing? Well, we are still focusing on teaching/research and diplomacy. We are also making sure to focus on our defensive wing. We ultimately want to have a ruler and guardian over each branch. Back in the day, the Order was only open to FreeSouls. It will now, of course, be open to all dreamers. And we have revised our tenets. They are - Purpose, Patience and Perseverance. We also welcome any form of essence manipulation, as we will repurpose it to strengthen our prime. So, if I had to say.. perhaps the newer order is a little more open to different dreamers and essence beliefs, than it was in the past.

Q: How's work going on the prime?
A: Starling: Very well! We have all the pieces we need, or so we hope, to create our new prime. And we have a ceremony scheduled for Wednesday to try and create it. Fingers crossed!
Q: is that open or closed to non house members?
A: All supporters are invited.

Q: And your houses stance on mares?
A: If a mare attacks you, defend yourself! Then manipulate the essence in any way you deem fit to help strengthen the prime. If a mare doesn't attack you, talk to it, see what knowledge you can gain from it. But, always be on guard to defend yourself. Mares can be tricky, but if we have a chance to learn, then we should take it. And report what knowledge you gained from the mare to the leaders of the house, so we can compile this information and use it for the betterment of the city.

Q: How about the changes youve witnessed on your return.. do you see them as positive or negative? Obviously the freesoul choice isnt a thing any longer, which is major.
A: Yeah! That is interesting because that alone used to start wars. I like the changes I've seen to the arts. The additional bonuses for each focus. I also like the merge of the cities. It provides more variety and dreamers who see things differently, which is nice. More flavor within the city. I also LOVE all the new rooms and places.

Q: Do you feel that we've lost anything by the fact that we're not willing to defend our beliefs so vigorously or have we gained in the fact that we have more of an atmosphere or working together?
A: I think we've gained. We are open minded, working together, making the dream a better place, instead of fighting over whether or not we remember our waking days on our shards.

Q: Good stuff.. finally, is there anything you'd like to add?
A: I'm excited to be dreaming again. I am loving all the new faces I'm meeting, learning other dreamer's stories, as well as reconnecting with familiar faces, hearing about how their dreams have changed and how they now see things in a different light than many, many moons ago. It's like coming home again, seeing old family and meeting all kinds of new family members. We all have one common goal, but each one of us adds our own amazing personality and flavor. It's been exciting to come back and I look forward to what the future holds.
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