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Art Research of Cup Summons

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Art Research of Cup Summons

Post by LadySilver » Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:14 pm

I noticed the other dream the Dreamers' Cup Arena was on sense. It reminded me of a personal quest to honor an age old promise. My memory is pretty good but I have lost a few names of a story that I was dreaming through. We are not always good at recording the dream as we dream it.

The art to get dreamers to the DCA is called Cup Sommons and only given to Guardians. It was to be given with this story shared with the hopes it would be passed on. Sadly I have forgotten. So I will tell you the story as I remember it and in the telling hope someone can fit in the missing information.

There was once a favored elder, He was of lucidity. Many dreamers would just follow him about he was so fun and friendly. Teaching mainly that elders were not gods and shouldn't be feared. This at the time was a common misconception. There was a big events all dreamers gathered in the Amphitheatre of the Sphere, in West Valley Of Totality. The whole dream was there. Our friendly elder was so excited. He had a gift for the lead teaching elder. One he had received from Telomir (the elder believed to be responsible for the skies of the valley with mechanical spiders.). He gave the lady the gift and she was immediately floated. Before anyone could blink Telomir struck her and disappeared. The first words from the lucidity elder were it was just supposed to blow up.

There was so much happening after and the decision was made that the sender elder was to pay for his part in the terrible loss. He created the DCA and it was decided that the story of how the act that was committed and the loss of their teaching elder was never to be forgotten thi story was to be shared as the DCA was to be a place of honorable events.

Here is the issues I lost the names of the lucidity elder and the teacher elder name as well, I would love to restore the memory for everyone. I have been asking when I remember to those that might recall but no one has yet. Does anyone remember the story I am talking about? Do they remember their names or even more details the history? Please seek me out. Thank you so much in advance. ~LadySilver
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