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☼ Alliance of the Eclipse: Phases ☼

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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☼ Alliance of the Eclipse: Phases ☼

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While some of these terms may feel or evoke familiar memories, they are not used to establish a connection to spirits of the past. Nor should they be confused with any previous movement or entity. Though the Alliance of the Eclipse draws from the cosmos in our journey, we humbly thank those who have gone before us and those who may inspire us though they may not be of us.

I, Magnilia Kytain, am now and shall forever be an Ancient of the Shadow. As a testament to that path, I show now that the Shadow and what it represents are not bound to a single place. It is a cosmic constant.

In keeping with the legacy of this path, I will create two courses within the Alliance of the Eclipse. In keeping with its ancient past and the universal principles to whit adheres. As with the Shadowed, those of the Eclipse shall be bound to cosmic greatness, far exceeding the dreamscape around us.

With all that I am, I shall endeavor to lead those who follow me into the boundless beyond and their full and terrifying potential. I reveal the following tracks within the Alliance of the Eclipse to support this goal.

  • Antumbra Track
    The Atumbra Track will guide those with a spirit of service, research, and study. The Antumbra Track shall represent our diligent archival and restoration work and teaching support and development. Let all awakened entities see the brightness of this track; may it support them regardless of their creed. This path shall demonstrate itself by the creation and management of all manner of projects which serve all awakened entities. Laboratories, Library Management, Museum Management, Elemental Gardens, and Stewardship of the Primordial are examples of the expression we shall demonstrate.

  • Umbra Track
    The Umbra Track will guide those with a spirit of the occult, abstruse and esoteric. As with the ancient Star Knights, this track shall be focused on doing whatever is necessary to protect the Alliance of the Eclipse, its interests, and reality itself. This track shall protect our innermost and darkest secrets, protecting all those sworn to the Alliance with the powerful presence of a total eclipse. Let us strive to be the highest authorities on the nature of reality itself and seek understanding not only our reality but all those realities we might encounter. Let us dream not ruled by fear but instead willing to confront it, challenge it, and move through it toward our true purpose and potential.

Like myself, many of you - The Awakened. I have walked varied paths. Some of you have only ever known a single allegiance. Regardless of your experience, I now offer the Alliance of the Eclipse to you. Know that your experience, as with my own, can and do work in conjunction with the Alliances present sphere of influence. I invite you now to set aside your differences and focus not on the petty and the mundane. If you wish to do and accomplish, to reach for your cosmic greatness as you explore your potential - then I open these paths to you.

The Matron
"She spins her golden web between us and the dream." - The Matron ☼, Soulkeeper
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