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Many theories

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Many theories

Post by Uldan »

Hey. Quaron here. I would like to state my theories, based on the research of OfF KiLTer on Abjure. Without him, it would be impossible. Credits are 50% mine for expading the field and 50% are his for creating the foundation.

1 - The Avatar Memory theory -


Restore, Reweave, purify and Abjure. This theory tells us that these 4 arts have different effects, but the same base.

2 - What's Deafen, how it works, why it counters Abjure while explaining how Abjure does its thing.

3 - Why Resillience is the right element for SoulMaster.

4 - The Innate Focus Theory and Avatar Birth theory.


How someone focus is decided and from where our body comes?

so lets begin!

1 - Based on the research of OfF KiLTer, "DreamMaster on the DreamStrike wars used Abjure to "cleanse" the Dreamers from effects like recall, removing anything that wasn't innate from it". Using that information as base, i belive that arts like Restore forces the body to go in a state BEFORE the damage, using the DreamSoul Avatar memory, and consuming part of the DreamSoul on the "air" itself to "heal" and fill the gaps on it, the same occurs in Reweave too, since shields are made of DreamSoul, making it go back, BEFORE the "physical" damage happened, using the "air" dreamsoul to "heal", Purify makes the DreamSoul go BEFORE it was cursed, momentarily rejecting and expelling the energy into the dream to be absorbed by it. Abjure makes the DreamSoul go back to a "natural" state, without the blessings or curses, just itself and it's innates abilities, causing a even bigger rejection process, expelling eveything it wasn't made to have from the start. I belive we, our mind or conscience has its memory, but the body or the Avatar has its own. I belive it's reasonable since energy can't be made or destroyed, just transformade.

2 - Deafen makes the target, well, deaf, blocking it from receiving sound waves. I belive it counters Abjure, because Abjure causes a rejection so big on the target body, that the caster energy alone can't make it goes through the process, being obliged to command the target body to help with it, making it restore itself to the earlier stage, withou the curse or blessing, expelling everything. With that, we can conclude that, if the target is "deaf" and can't hear the Abjure command, he's immune to it's effects, since the caster alone isn't able to do that.

3 - I believe Resillience is the right element to SoulMasters. I will be using a simple example, you mix two play doughes, if you aren't careful, they will get mixed in a way, one will get ripped and the other will have more than before. That's the same principle, if a SoulMaster isn't careful enough, he could loose some of his own DreamSoul to what he is dealing with. That's why Reweave doesn't work on the city walls, not only because the art isn't strong enough, but because the Resillience to deal with such a enormous and dense source of DreamSoul would be unthinkable, in a way, someone could get sucked in the stream of DreamSoul that runs through everything, like trying to swim against the ocean itself and being absorbed.

3.1 (PS: After we learned why Resillience is the right one, i can say how Abjure does the sound thing.) So, why we use Resillience on Abjure, while manipulating the sound? Because the "air" itself is made of DreamSoul, to acceess such thin layer of DreamSoul, is needed a lot of concentration, but after we access it, we have to be careful to don't loose ourselves to the air. The whole space around us, has a lot more DreamSoul than our walls, but because it isn't as near as concentrated as it, making it easier to access such vast quantities of DreamSoul. I believe also that Abjure is the only art using the "air" because such restoration of the Avatar, implies a huge amount of energy and making direct contact while using Abjure could make the caster being transformed in fuel for the process.

4 - When we are awakened, we have enough Resillience to mold an avatar to our soul using the DreamSoul on the ambient, but given our inexperience with it, we can only make our "base". That's why everyones body is so alike on the first time, even with the true color of the DreamSoul, true color of everything, WHITE. We can just make as much on the first time, leaving this job to our subconscience.

About the focus of everyone, i think it depends solely on ourselves, we can't choose what we want. Those who have a strong Will to even bend the fabric of the Dream itself to their wills, become GateKeepers. Those who are clever and have the needed Insight to understand the Dream and see through it, become DreamSeers. Those who with Lucidity, aren't fooled by the fantasies of the Dream and can see the reason and reality on it, guiding and changing how we perceive the Dream itself, become DreamSeers and those who have the Resillience to resist the pression caused by the manipulation of the building blocks of the Dream with their bare hands, are SoulMasters!

Sincerely, Quaron.
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