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City forum scroll.

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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City forum scroll.

Post by fancypearl »

City forum lead this time by stormy edwards on 10/16/2022

Ground rules.. Share what events took place or taking place throughout the week.
We are are here to bitch and moan. overall meeting who’s up first?

fort things that have been going on there was an event where Dakkoth used light to empower his bones to fortify them against chaos.
It is a fact that Light can do this where nothing else can withstand

Anyone has any questions, comments, rebuttals, interruptions, or randomness they’d like to add before we continue?


With Dakkoth’s transition, I offered him to take on a task. A favor… A mission.
Ruler of Calenture agreed to help me in retrieving a Star of Reflection that was lost to the depth of Lost seas.

As it was my own artifact that was following in my possession till that dreadful moment I dropped it from the Cliff.

Star of reflection power is limited but enormous. it is able to reflect any channeled energy into it, break it apart, and reflect elemental energies throughout the city.
would it be light or darkness, it would break it.
Allowing each elemental outburst to cause a shift in the dreamscape, for us to harvest it for our own needs.

with that said, when the time comes, and when Dakkoth is available I wish to ask everyone's help in retrieving this artifact.

soulmasters should stand on stand-by for aid, as seawater do have an impact on the metal that Dakkoth consists of right now.

We don’t want to loose another one in our advances.

stormy :
Woo, underwater diving and stars of mystery nice!
Does anyone else like to give us some food for thought? or food… I like food..

Going once..

huthut: Yes

me: Yay come up and say something to our adoring crowd.

Lilith and luna are both relatively new here
I mean Lana
Lilith is learning a bit about the houses still and Lana is training up on her oracles so if you can assist them in any way that would be great
that is all.


Well windy city, and yeah I’ve met them both.. quite wondering seeming dreamers. There’s a wonder of dreams and many artifacts floating about. Does anyone else have a daunting or cheery dream to regal us with?
And do take the time to visit with our newer dreamers, it’s a wonderful thing to see the city shining so brightly.
Last chance to take the dance..
well alright then. Thank you all for coming big hand of applause we appreciate you.

Jawsman: huthut didnt call on me but

Study hall will be tomorrow at 6:30pm
until when most of us leave.

For those of us who wish to teach and those of us who wish to learn. Ideally, one teacher of each focus will have availability during that time. Also, elder enoon and sometimes Esinore show up for these.

**Note from stormy**
"Kelos Town Crier!, Thank you, thanks everyone who stepped up ~\/\"
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