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☼ A Message from the Ancients ☼

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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☼ A Message from the Ancients ☼

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A vessel is selected, and the message is given. May this be the first of many to guide our hands and methods. I cannot say who else may take up the call, but Death shall not be allowed to pass over the land easily so long as I tend the Ways. Take heed, as the Ancients warn, for I shall not suffer interference. For now, I share their message. I may not always be so moved to do so.

This energy of pure Death has but one seed. It dies and rises with no pattern. One hundred years ago, the destroyer of the city soaked the ruins in his essence.
The essence stagnated and mutated until the raiders came and recognized the seed again! They fed it, and shape its parts into objects which have spread and continue to spread.
It is an undying disease. You must banish it or be lost.
Take heed!
The raiders may come, one and another. Deal with them appropriately.

The Matron
"She spins her golden web between us and the dream." - The Matron ☼, Soulkeeper
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