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Dream newsletter 4-13

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Dream newsletter 4-13

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Short newsletter this week.

Newly Dreamers:

Lost Sea Inhabitants:
Chameleon disguised as Celestine attacked dreamers, and Asheran comes to the city. Keep an eye out for the Reptile Warning System as a knowledge base of inhabitants.

The Weave
Planned events:
Monthly Contest April: Song about the City of Dreams
Submission by April 29th

The City Forum
Sunday at 7 PM DST

The Light
Nothing reported

House Calenture
Active and growing

DreamSeer Guild
Bi weekly on Tuesday @ 7 PM Meeting in Guild Hall.

SoulMaster Guild
Nothing from this guild

Trappers Guild
Trappers are being spotted more in the city trapping nightmares.

Order of Sable Moon
We Welcome Pixar and Neogi, as the newest members. Congradulate yourself as a house for having the most active members. Welcome Eton as the houses newest Guardian

Updated to remove Oracle reminder as Daxon has fixed his post.
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