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An Alternate Story

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An Alternate Story

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Our first house often is sacred to us. It provides a baseline for our dreams, it influences us in one way or another. When I contemplate this I think of my first home in the city of dreams, The Emancipators of Men. I was drawn to the comradarie and honor bound ways they practiced. But what if I joined the Sect of Prudent? How would this would've changed my perspective on dreaming? Here is a short story of how I feel it would've impacted my dreams:

P.S. This is fiction. Not to be taken for real.

I had found myself subscribing to the laws. The masses know not what they need, and that we have their best interests at hand. I joined the Sect of the Prudent in ere of finding Truth and Power. The vile Emancipators fight for a peace that can never happen. Order and control are the true arbiters of Peace. As I come to this Idoclesian city, I see a need for Order and control, thus, I find myself joining the Order of Light. I feel their practices are better suited to a unified front and city. They have the discipline and power to challenge our adversaries. I abhor the acts of the Peace Corpse. I will not stand for reckless actions and vehement reactions. I will form a guild to unify the dream and all houses. The city, and houses lack structure, and I am willing to go to great lengths to create that union.
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