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Covenant - Bells of Egress

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Covenant - Bells of Egress

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The Bells of Egress
A Binding Covenant

I, Belom, dreamer whose origin is of the City of Idoaclese, do hereby submit myself for service in this binding covenant, The Bells of Egress. I do hereby pledge to provide the dedication of driven servitude to the Wardens from a far away City of Dreams, Zalar and Aria, until the completion of the egress has been satisfied.

I commit to:
- Deliver what is asked with integrity and without question.
- Listen actively, communicate clearly, and respond promptly to all needs which concern all manners noted in tn this covenant.
- Maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of all named individuals mentioned in the contents of this text, while upholding personal ethical standards.
- Be accountable for my actions, decisions, and outcomes.

May this covenant be known publicly and may it be binding.
Thus, the service provided in this covenant by I, Belom, shall henceforth be bound to the Wardens, Zalar and Aria, at their request and thus shall it be sealed.
The Covenant is signed with the mark below.

. . .

The fate of the Wardens egress, is hereby bound by way of covenant.
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