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Reflection's Upon Loose Coherence #050624

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Reflection's Upon Loose Coherence #050624

Post by Grogax »

The writing seems to be more readable. Still shaky.

The worst thing about the Dream is the loneliness.
I have always felt it.
Its ironic presence doesn't escape me.
I feel the walls tell a history of passing shadows, looming, escaped and gone.

I feel the Shadow. I know it is with me. It always was.

I can't dream with other Dreamers. Such faith has been placed upon me. To miss history as it happens.
I only see shards of what has happened. Of stories unfolding. Of shadows dancing on the walls and leaving an imprint.

I always spoke to the Shadow, not knowing it.

I feel less alone with it.
But how do you feel less of something with no end?
It is that duty I laid upon myself.

I'll revel in loneliness if it means no one else has to.

~~ Grogax, The Lonely Bulwark
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