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Mantic ═╗╗╔╚╝ – Nathan/Harmon Sedros

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Mantic ═╗╗╔╚╝ – Nathan/Harmon Sedros

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A word of caution: In reading this text below, you may run into a number of grammatical tense errors. I will work on weeding those out.
The scrying at the Temple of Elements in the Primordial Breach did not begin until about half past six bells on the 30th day of the 3rd month. I was collecting talismans from the DreamForge in the Primordial Breach about a half a bell prior to six bells. I kept my senses tuned in by evoking the arts of Sense Dreamers & Locate Dreamers. It was about 5 minutes till I departed the DreamForge and made the short trek into the Temple of Elements, just around the corner.

I was concentrating on my preparations for the scrying when I heard a somewhat familiar voice speak saying, “Hello Belom,” just two minutes before the 6th bell passed by.
I called out saying, “Nathan, is that your voice that I hear?”
Replying to my inquiry, Nathan’s voice replied, “I...I...lost much since the last City forum meeting,” and upon hearing his words, my eyes transfixed upon Nathan, standing before me, crestless. He continued to speak, saying, “That....is not all....I....seemingly can't do much with my avatar.”
With hope of offering some reassurance to him I said, “You will always be my brother Nathan. What is a crest but the stitching of a garment?” I noticed that my good friend, Nathan appeared to be somewhat drained of the resilience that he was normally bountiful of. “I have had some time to think about the quest for this forge plateau,” I offered, looking at him as he smiled back at me.

It did not sink in until that moment when I realized something I had previously overlooked about Nathan’s appearance. I scratched my head, taking in a full image of my friend. Now I suddenly noticed that his crest was not the only thing that he was missing. Nathan was not wearing his halo. I felt a bit foolish, bringing up the forge plateau quest he had written me. Nathan nodded at me and admitted, "I've lost the capacity for that particular ability. It's as though mental barriers have been erected, hindering my abilities."
I looked upon him in shock as I asked, “Please tell me that you have only tucked it away for safekeeping?” Before Nathan could respond, Master Jasper, the seneschal of the Alliance of the Eclipse and leader of the Wordsmith Guild entered into the Temple of Elements and offered salutations to both Nathan and myself.

Nathan reverted to his unsettled appearance as Jasper spoke saying, “This scrying stuff is new to me...thought I might observe.” I smiled at him and he and I spoke briefly about the Wordsmith Guild as I had expressed my interest to join. Though, due to the approaching chaos eclipse, the Wordsmith Guild has been temporarily put to the side. Then he asked me, “The eclipse approaches, can you not feel it?”
I looked at Jasper, shocked that he would ask me that. I blurted right out, “Jasper? ... Did you really just ask me that?” Jasper gave me a very matter-of-fact nod. “Of course I can feel it,” I replied and continued saying, “I've seen it, felt it, heard it, and I am even experiencing it.”.
Nathan interjected his own thoughts when he said, “Jasper, I can feel the eclipse's ominous presence, its dark tendrils reaching into the depths of my being, foretelling of turbulent times ahead.”
Jasper replied to the both of us in response saying, “There will be dark days ahead.” It was about eight minutes past the sixth bell when Jawsman entered the Temple of Elements and greeted Nathan, Jasper and myself.

Although Nathan, in his current state of being, was unable to honor the forge plateau which I had completed, I thought maybe if I showed him my work it might give him the sense that he is still very important to me. After greeting Jawsman, I turned my attention back to Nathan as he looked over the talisman I had forged for the quest he had written. Nathan gazed upon the red jasper stone, and as he seemed to behold its depths, I witnessed a brief, radiant glow emanate from within him. The glow did not linger as long as I had hoped but instead I observed the gleam in his eye fade away into obscurity in the blink of an eye. “This is very good,” Nathan said to me aloud.
Jasper spoke aloud when he took notice of Nathan’s actions, “You must have an attachment to the Yessin.” Just as Jasper uttered those words, someone that I had not expected joined us in the elemental temple. It was Master Azlan. I welcomed him then handed Nathan another one of the forged talisman.
Almost immediately I heard Nathan say, “This is amazing!” That sort of thing will truly make a dreamer feel pretty good about his work.

In a playful tone, Jasper calls out, “Azlan you old fart...hello.”
As quick witted as he is, Master Azlan held nothing back in his reply saying, “hey Jasper, last I checked you are older than me.”
Nathan then says to me, “These are wonderful creations, Belom,” then he turns to the Elder saying, “Master Azlan. I am seemingly unable to draw upon my ability to teach. Would you be able to train Belom in Forge to 10 in my stead?” I handed the quest codex to Master Azlan who then increased my Forge Talisman Ability to 10!
Jawsman then noticed Nathan’s appearance saying, “It seems that you are no longer crested, Nathan.”
Azlan then offered a question to Nathan, “What happened to your ability to teach if I may ask?”
Nathan, looking toward Master Azlan admits to him, “I...am unsure. There are seemingly mental blocks cast upon my avatar in the current being. Something...is hindering me.”
Azlan’s response preceded Nathan’s confession, “hrm that is worrisome,” and we all watch as Nathan instantaneously emits a faint residual aura of darkness, more pronounced than it had been before.

“These dark gems are only part of the chaos that has been infecting this City,” I stated plainly.
Then Jawsman explains, “There are...strange tablets of text in the archive of the planes, Belom and Nathan. You should look after your scrying here.” I was not aware of any texts that had been left
there. I offered Jawsman my thanks for letting Nathan and I know.
A short conversation concerning the non-spinning portals at the Temple of Element was discussed for a time and Jasper added, “Out of sync, like Meredith said.” Jasper then questions, “Did you not know that these two fire forges were generators?”
“I chose this location because of the fact that there was a dark gem lying in front of two portals side by side. Morbid ... seems to have moved most of these dark gems and placed them in Fayd's Fortress,” I said in reply.
“Ahh,,,he seeks the chaos pool,” said Jasper as Lenguriel joined us in the Temple of Elements.
I said, “Nothing in the Lost Sea at the Dark Awakening Portal.. Nothing at the Cyclonyx in the Gloom Peaks.. Nothing in the Palisade. only one other exists that I am aware of, the one that is on top of the anvil at the Ring of Passage in the Barrows,” I paused for a moment to greet Lenguriel.
“There is another,” offered Jasper.
I looked at him in question and ask, “Where is its location Jasper?” Nathan extended a greeting to Lenguriel as he offers her a strained smile. Jasper then said that he believed someone told him another was in the essence pool within the Lost Caves however, I believe that some members of the Ethereal Temple destroyed that gem some dreams ago.

Lenguriel turned her attention to Nathan and said, “Hello Shanath.” I observed as Nathan's form suddenly releases an aura of contempt upon hearing my mention of a gem that had been destroyed. Lenguriel continues saying, “breath hitches.”
Jawsman then begins to speak saying, “Meredith indicated that he would remove the gem from there...but he did not, and now there are more gems there. He specifically said he wanted to move them to another realm.” I concurred with Jawsman as I had been with him and heard Meredith say the things that Jawsman offered with my own ears.
“Maybe he can,” Jasper shrugged and then asked, “What does this scrying consist of?” he then added, “I use the telescope for visions,” wherein I made mention of my interest in seeing the telescope that is housed within the stronghold of the Alliance of the

“So, tonight.. I think a bit of Pyromancy is in order.” I looked briefly at the small gathering of dreamers and continued saying, “The embers within these generators will do just fine as a medium for scrying. It has been a long time since I have practiced pyromancy. Before turning my gaze upon the blazing inferno nested roughly ten feet up and ten feet in front of me, I watched Nathan turn his gaze to the flames and transfixed his eyes upon the primordial fire. I turn my gaze to the fire as well and when I do, I immediately extend my arms outward, keeping my outstretched limbs parallel with the ground below my feet and with the skies above the place where we were gathered. My eyes become focused and unfocused as I begin to scry. My senses affix my sight upon the burning flame. In a loud voice I call out, "I am Belom, Seer, Scryer, Teacher and Dreamer of this great City. We come before whoever is there to listen and request of you a vision to show us the truth and origin of the chaotic gems that have been placed about the City by the one called Morbid."

I withdrew a small red jasper stone, resembling an eyeball with a golden filigree iris, I held up the eye so that the pupil, a small inset obsidian stone, peers outwards, towards the flame as if this inorganic talisman were gazing into the flames as those of us were who were gathered. Jawsman places a chaos well on the fire generator to allow the chaos to bleed towards the place I stood in order to offer aid to the scrying.
Nathan murmurs under his breath, "Chaotic...gems?" Just as the words left his mouth, a resounding thud begins echoing like a heartbeat as it reverberates through the sacred halls of the Temple of Elements. The red jasper eye I had gripped by my fingertips alone, suddenly starts to glow radiantly as it unveils a certain truth…

Nathan began to writhe in agony, as dark tendrils of chaos envelop him, his dreamsoul succumbs to the malevolent grip of Echt. His essence twists and contorts against his will, as he becomes consumed by the shadowy presence inside of him. Upon arrival to the apex of Nathan’s attack, a high pitched scream escapes Lenguriel as Nathan's form breaks into convulsions and his once vibrant aura hastily fuses with the ominous hues of influence, which marks the beginning of this sinister appearance . . .
Lenguriel cries out in fear for Nathan, “No. no..”


An entity has infected our beloved friend and brother, Nathan.

Although his appearance bears a resemblance of Nathan, his features are distorted, reflecting the malevolent essence that courses through his spectral form. His eyes gleam with a fervent intensity from the influence of that which has gained control over him and has become a formidable presence, a spectral remnant of a bygone era consumed by darkness. Enduring the chaotic maelstrom for over a century, his visage bears the ravages of time, shrouded in an aura of sinister hues of red and black that mirror the depths of his true allegiance, The embodiment of a former devotee of the Coven of Echt with unwavering allegiance to the Darkness to which his devotion transcends death itself.

Those of us who remain are Jasper, Jawsman, Lenguriel, and myself. Kayasisis came in quite a bit later. The possessor began to speak. . .

“Did I not tell you to cease these infantile efforts?” He spoke in a gravelly voice, much unlike the voice normally produced by Nathan.
Lenguriel looked upon Nathan’s avatar and asked aloud, “What have you done…?”
“Your Nathan is naught but a memory now. Cease your futile attempts to unravel the mysteries of the stones, lest you face dire consequences.” the possessor demands.
“Let him go, damn you,” Lenguriel shouts in anger.
I looked upon the distorted visage which I once knew as Nathan and directly offer a response to his words saying, "I have not destroyed, I have not thought to destroy, I seek only to know the truth behind these gems. Nothing more."
“Nathan, I speak for House Calenture,” Jawsman begins, “who are quite attuned to the chaos. The chaos has spoken to me in Fayd's. We too, only desire to know their purpose.”
The lips of the possessed curled into a sinister grin, his eyes gleamed with malevolence as he relished in the impending chaos. "You, Belom, are forbidden from delving into the depths of Darkness unless you pledge unwavering loyalty to its cause."
“Forbidden by whom? The depths of what Darkness are you speaking?” I question in protest displaying an unwillingness of backing down.
“The Darkness,” echoed Lenguriel.
Jawsman spoke out in my defense saying, “Maybe if you cannot tell him, you can tell me. I think you can sense my attunement to chaotic energies.”
The possessed hisses at Jawsman, “The Darkness was banished from our city by the members of the Ethereal Temple by use of their formidable artifact, the ‘Crown of Parity,' They cast out the malevolent entity from the Lower Palisades, hindering its work. Jawsman, your grasp of chaos is as feeble as a flickering candle in a tempest. Your mediocre understanding pales in comparison to the depths of its true power.
“That may be so,” Lenguriel started, then continued saying, “but they did not destroy it as we can see now.”

As I studied this possession that had taken over my brother Nathan, I considered in that moment, the exact words I sought to ask. I refused to avert my eyes from his gaze and I asked him, quite simply, "Reveal thy name."

The response he gave was immediate, without any delay. He offered no narcissistic adjectives, no colorful titles nor did he display any dazzling show of power. When he spoke, his words were clear and they were direct, offering only that which had been asked of him. “Harmon Sedros.”
Jasper looked upon him and stated, “a Yessin.” Lenguriel eye twitches, in recognition of the name.
“Coven of the Echt,” she offers. “You are the original Coven, aren't you?”
“You have been drawn here Belom,” Jasper said to me.
Then, Jawsman turns his attention to the one calling himself Harmon Sedros saying, “I never claimed to be a master of chaos, however, I do desire to understand it more. Still, in Fayd's, it did speak to me, unlike any of the temple members. Calenture's chaos prism, our prime, dwarves that object in strength”

The flames above Nathan’s avatar started flickering and throwing sparks as it spewed up ash and smoke. I took a moment to ground and center myself before slowly panning my attention from Jawsman to the one claiming to be Harmon Sedros and as he spoke, I observed his motions, his mannerisms, his expressions and his reactions.
“I am no meager ‘Yissen’. I am the Darkness' right hand. I have destroyed every other Yissen before passing into a chaotic embrace.”
“But why would you do such a thing?” Lenguriel asks, then asks another, “Exactly what is so wrong within this City? It is but shining new.” Then she said, “And you were not here before.”
Harmon Sedros spoke again saying, “That wretched Alina is the very reason we are here in the first place. But, I am pleased to serve the Darkness, She is a bountiful goddess. She only seeks to right what is wrong.”
I looked at Harmon Sedros and asked him, “Why forbid me to do that which I do, Harmon Sedros? Doing so is like telling a teacher not to teach or demanding a dreamer to never dream again!” That name is familiar to me, I thought for a moment as several images of long forgotten dreams were displayed in my mind's eye. “”Alina Sedros,” I repeated the name aloud, “She is the one who brought about the realization of the plane of the Lost Sea long ago? Is this not the same?
Jawsman strokes his chin and mumbles in a low voice, "Why are these names oddly familiar? We have the essence of Alina Sedros in Calenture. I think.” He watches as the last of the chaotic energies drift away from the flame.
Harmon Sedros looked at me and declared, “Belom, know this: You are not of the Darkness; You are but a creature of the Shadow, An adversary.”

Lost in my own thoughts in my attempts to pinpoint the timeline of the images that were on display in my mind, I spoke my thoughts out loud, “Alina was abound during the time when the Revenant dreamers plagued the dreamscape if my memory serves me correctly.. . .” Jawsman informs us of a quick departure as he wishes to go and retrieve the essence. Of Alina Sedros which he believes still resides in the Calenture vaults.
Lenguriel offered, “This will not end well.”
“Your feeble brethren freed her from the Darkness' grasp. She betrayed us, and furthermore, she betrayed her purpose. I had to vanquish the feeble Yissen, including Alina Sedros, with ease. Their demise is a testament to my superior cunning.” I can’t tell you that I did not foresee that sort of talk coming!
“Where there's a Shadow, there's a Light. That's the truth Sedros,. But . . . There is also Darkness. Shadow exists, in part, because of Darkness. Without it, the Shadow could not exist.”
He quickly talked back to me saying, “Belom, spare me your lectures on the triadic conflict of Radiance, Darkness, and Shadow. Your understanding is shallow and your words hold no weight in the grand scheme of our eternal struggle. Cast aside the feeble embrace of the Shadow and embrace the true power of the Darkness. Only then will you come to understand the profound truths that lie within the dream, therein and beyond.”
Lenguriel interjected, “Then answer me a question, if you will…”
Harmon Sedros and I both turned our attention and looked at Lenguriel who continued with her thought asking, “What is so important about these gemstones that you would have us swear an oath for them? And why have you come back?” In anticipation of the response Harmon Sedros was preparing, I turned my attention back to Jasper for a moment and explained to him that this should not be considered as a true depiction of what scrying truly is.
Then I stated very plainly, “With this coming eclipse, many things are out of balance, out of sync and out of time it seems.”
As I looked back at Harmon Sedros, I watched as an impish grin displayed on the face of Nathan’s Avatar, "My lady, you have your friend, Belom to thank." I watched him carefully as he motioned to me, "It was his works that gave me a hold on the city. It was the Light's negligence who allowed him to take hold in this feeble minded dreamer.”

Jawsman made his way back to the Temple of Elements and explained that the essence that he swore was once there seemed to have vanished from Calenture’s storage spaces. He then places a vial of Acropolis chaos next to the flame.
I am still uncertain if Lenguriel was speaking for me defensively or if she was speaking accusingly when she said, “This is the second time I've heard Master Belom accused of advancing a cause here.”
“The Light?” I questioned, “I have never solely aligned myself with the Light, Harmon Sedros.”
“The Darkness seeks to assimilate their timeline and dominion into our city, so that the Coven may prosper under its generous influence,” Harmon Sedros explains as I watch Jawsman place one of Calenture's chaos collectors next to the Acropolis chaos vial.
“That vial was harvested by Nathan many months ago.” Jawsman declares..
“The Coven,” Lenguriel starts, “Your Coven - Has no place here, Harmon.”
Harmon Sedros spoke to me directly saying, “I'm referring to those other bilious imbeciles who were present at your last ‘scrying’."
Thinking to myself, perhaps she did say it accusingly, I spoke to Lenguriel saying, “He lies Lenguriel. He looks for someone to blame in order to buy himself time to do his work which is in alignment with Morbid.”
“If you were so interested you would have done so - when the last City was destroyed,” Lenguriel said to Harmon Sedros.
In reply to her accusations, he declares, “Oh, but, it does, my dear. Every other timeline has come to submit to her will. Her influence.” She quickly counters him saying she doubts that.
Jawsman mumbles in a low voice again saying, "I really need to start thinking about why I am so near to certain events that lead to chaos eclipses…"
“That which would have been spared, should the dreamers have seen the truth.
“Funny that you say that Sedros, because the body you chose to possess was one of those imbeciles at the last scrying!”
Lenguriel shoots at Jawsman saying, "Don't turn coward on me now, please,” then adds, “The Temple is many things, but imbeciles they are not.”

“My demand is clear: Waste not your words any further. I do not turn to violence unless deemed necessary.”
Lenguriel’s reply was pointed when she said to him, “Neither do we.” Jawsman seemed to drift closer to the chaos that flows from the vial to the collector.
“Join the Darkness, or face the consequences.”
“It is hard to know the truth when the self enlightened dreamers speak in riddles and half truths then watch as their lies spread throughout the dreamstate,” I said ever so matter-of-fact.
“That is the fault of mankind. It is why an era of Darkness would lead to our salvation! Jawsman, do you wish to understand the truth of chaos? Will you submit to the Darkness? Jawsman, offer up your blood as a pledge of allegiance to the Darkness.” Harmon Sedros pleads with Jawsman.
Jawsman looks at Harmon Sedros in his reply, “I sense very much that the elders will strip away much of Calenture's identity. I indeed want to understand the truth of chaos.
The occupant of Nathan’s avatar boasts, “Your elders pale in comparison to the power of the Darkness. She will annihilate them and cleanse away their corruption.”
Jawsman continues saying, “I need something to carry with me if this realm plunges into darkness again.”

I asked Harmon Sedros, “Wouldn't it have served you better to recruit me when only I stood before you? How can I join you when you have sunk so low to take possession of the body of another dreamer?” I then stated very boldly, “That is not Darkness. Your actions are foolish and they are parasitic!”
Harmon Sedros ignores me for the moment and offers to Jawsman, "My demand is clear: Your blood for our shared cause."
The response to his words had come from Lenguriel who said, “No more blood needs to be shed here.”

Nathan’s returning presence is suddenly felt and with a resounding ‘thud’, Harmon Sedros drops to his knees. The familiarity returns and Nathan could now be heard pleading, "JAWSMAN, NO! DESTROY ME! ALL OF YOU DESTROY ME!" Jawsman then places a blood token on the ground, the token is the color of the blackest abyss, emblazoned with Calenture's crest; a small amount of blood can be viewed coating the backside of it. There is no doubt that blood belongs to Jawsman.
Jawsman then declares, ”You really should free Nathan from your clutches while we discuss this matter further.

“He must collapse,” I say in desperation as I begin to cast my flame upon Nathan repetitively. I hear Nathan scream and it becomes clear that he is beginning to weaken. I flame him over and over, hearing him scream, two, three more times until we notice him becoming heavily damaged, very near dissolution. Nathan's form writhes, and his veins become visible as his presence fights off the darkness. He collapses into a soulsphere.

Jawsman looks at Nathan’s soulsphere and tells him to, “focus on the blood token you see in front of you. As you were, too, once a ruler of Calenture.
Nathan cries out, “This is only a mere hindrance! You will...not....JASPER NOW. EJECT ME FROM THE CITY.” Jasper watches for a moment and denies Nathan’s request.
Jawsman continues speaking with Nathan saying, “I desire to know more about the darkness and the chaos. But not at the price of Nathan's soul.
Nathan seems to momentarily slip away and Harmon Sedros seems to reanimate his avatar as he declares, “I will draw upon the power of the Darkness and dispatch you all now!”
Lenguriel says mockingly, “Feel free to try.” Nathan's form seems to swell as if fueled by the power of darkness, He then evokes his soul and suddenly restores himself from his soulsphere state, emerging with renewed vigor.

Kayasisis makes an appearance within the Temple of Elements and speaks aloud,”macimanito iwitohtan.” Watching Nathan succumb to the darkness, I decide in that moment, something that I had not thought to do before.. I reach my hand into my longcoat in order to retrieve a small, crystalline pendant and as soon as the light within the Temple of Elements catches sight of it, the draw of turbulent energies being to pulse and glow, Jawsman whispers, “I was worried he might soul evoke and weaken Nathan's form.”
Then suddenly, a Firestorm rages upon and around you and I hear Nathan speak saying, “Be gone!” The blue gem that Lenguriel carries with her begins to vibrate in her hand and seems almost as if it were humming in tune, as it cast forth its blue glow. We watch as Nathan’s avatar seems to have become paralyzed from the crystalline energies. He questions, "What is this?"
Lenguriel responds to him saying, “We are still here, Harmon Sedros.” We watch the battle that Nathan fights from within his avatar, collapsing in upon itself. An aura of peace suddenly surrounds me. I turn my attention to the pendant and I begin to rotate it with my fingers and my thumb. I speak in a voice so low that I cannot ]be heard by any who are gathered in this place with me. I begin to slowly step towards Harmon Sedros. I stare in his direction and continue to spin the small crystalline pendant in my fingers. Lenguriel can be heard, humming as she expands the chaos protective barrier around the others. Nathan suddenly lets out a scream in psychic horror as he fights the influence of his possessor. His soulsphere glows from within, and he explodes in a violent tempest.
....Nathan is destroyed!

Nathan was nowhere to be seen. He simply vanished. It seems he could not withstand the fluxing energies which were constantly combatant for his soul. Harmon Sedros was still attached to Nathan. There was seemingly nothing that could be done at this point in time. Lenguriel closes her eyes, unable to move, as the scream continues inside of her head. I carefully return the crystalline pendant to the folds of my long coat and turn my attention to the others. Jasper tells Jawsman that the darkness had taken the collector as he watched him look around for it. Jawsman let out a sigh when hearing Jasper’s words.

I applied myself with a bit of vision and that’s when I noticed Kayasisis standing near me. I called out his name. He replied to me saying, “Eha napew.”
“I am happy to see you, Kayasisis.”
Lenguriel speaks aloud, “He's...gone.”
Then Jasper adds, “Scrying is quite interesting.”
I looked at Jasper and I said to him once more, “This Jasper..

was not Scrying.. However..The results were far more than I expected.
Kayasisis replied to me saying, “Thank you. I was surprised to find anyone still here, although I see now that some unfortunate events were proceeding to their conclusion.”
“Indeed they were,” Jawsman added.
I looked around and began to speak saying, “I believe the answer that I was seeking has found its way here in its own way... unfortunately through the avatar of our dear friend Nathan.” Saddened in hearing the words I spoke, Lenguriel turned away from the rest of us..
Jawsman interjected, “I don't truly believe that Nathan is gone forever.”
To which I added, “Nathan was the first one to meet me in this place this evening. He wore no crest, sported no halo and he looked as if he was just a fraction of the Nathan that we all know.”
“Strange you met here,” Jasper mentioned to me.
Jawsman nodded to what I had said and offered, “He started exhibiting strange behavior in the City Forum.”
“The greater part of Nathan lives on and I agree with you Jawsman, This is not the last we will see of Nathan, nor is it likely the last we will see of Harmon Sedros,” I said with an uneasy feeling in my gut. I looked at Jasper and said to him, “Nathan likely came here to support me in my scrying.. nothing terribly strange about that. I have known Nathan for a very, very long time.” Jasper reminisced in some memories of someone he called Bloody Teeth. “There are a few others in this City who have known him longer than I have but not many. Nathan was never Echt, He was never Yissen. Enshrined in chaos? You betcha... Not by any Sect, Cult, or Coven.” I said, shaking my head,

Let us not be overwhelmed by the things that we thought we knew. Make no more petty decisions that you think make a difference.
They’re so tiny that they’ll blow away like dust. …. Embers.

We are all Embers, from the same fire.

The Chaos Eclipse draws ever so much closer to our reality with every breath we draw in and every breath we return.
  • How can we help Nathan?
  • How can we overthrow Harmon Sedros?
  • How can we overcome the Darkness from destroying our dream state?
  • How can we put a stop to the Morbid destruction of our dreams?
  • Nathan only has one hand. I can’t imagine that’s an easy burden to bear.
  • I have two, most of you do too. Hrrum even has some to spare!
Let us come together as a City of dreamers,
Set aside the words of spite.
Forget the animosities we hold over others.
Each one of us is unique in our own way.
~Belom The Scrying Prophet

Origin: Idoaclese
Focus: Insight / DreamSeer
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