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The Anelinde Report #5

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The Anelinde Report #5

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Report #5

Entity: Nowyn/Anelinde?

Place: Lower Cairn, Anelinde's Prison


It's been so long since i've checked in with Anelinde. On this 7th seance in nearly 100 years Sirus, Wind, Belom, CONMAN, Kelos, Brother Timothy, Jawsman, and myself gathered in the small dark and damp room. With the usual process, setting salt down, placing the bundle of sage. However with a unexpected surprise, a flame appeared in the middle of the room. It appeared that Anelinde was eager to speak. Or so we thought:

a soft voice calls out in the night

Father, is that you?

Sadara slowly places her tuning fork back upon her belt, as she breathes in and out slowly, watching the portal. She smiles lightly hearing the voice, she speaks once again, "Anelinde.? Its me Sadara... are you with us?"

a soft crying sound can be heard near the portal

CONMAN's lips twist and slightly contort as he scans the room, his eyes stopping at the portal.

Father, why?

Windsong frowns ever so slightly as the voice pleads, recognizing the sorrow within.

Sadara looks around the room, as she looks toward the portal, "Anelinde... it is I Sadara. I brought some friends as well."

is it safe, it has been so long

Belom smiles happily.

Sadara slowly looks back upon the flame, and nods to noone in particular, "It is safe. We are here."

I await my father's return

Sadara looks around the room, as her face slowly downcasts in saddness, "Your father's return..? Where has he gone?"

he has left me here

It was at this moment we were struck blind. We had already been struck blind previous to the first flame arriving initially, and so with this second surge of darkness another flame appeared.

Windsong says, "It might be her father..."

Sirus Nesto looks around the room.

Sadara looks at the two flames and looks to the portal she nods to Kelos and WInd as she speaks again, "Anelinde is it ok if we see you?"

a breeze blows across the room enlarging the flames as it passes over

Kelos says, "Oh my. This is not good. Who are you?"

Sadara sighs lightly as she sinks hearing each word, "Anelinde, where is your father?" she sees the flames grow bigger and she slowly reaches into her bag.

Belom takes a few deep breaths.

He left us here

Sadara reassuringly looks at each Dreamer, with a calm eye. She looks back toward the flames, as she prepares. She sits up on her knees and speaks again, "Who am I talking to now?"

loud mournful cries can be heard throughout the room

Sirus Nesto cringes.

Windsong braces herself against the wall. "Nevermind, I see the point of the salt..."

we have always been here

It was at this time another flame appeared after being thrown against the wall by forceful wind.

Sadara looks at the third flame and takes out the small bag of salt holding it behind her back, she looks at the flames and with a weary question, "Anelinde... Goril?"

Windsong glances toward Sadara and mouths "we?"

Sadara slightly shrugs at Wind

never mention his name

we are foresaken here

Belom says, "Can there be no liberation?"

Kelos says, "There was more than one?" followed by Windsong saying, "That's what I'm wondering, Kelos..."

Sadara shakes her head lightly, as her eyes close and look to each dreamer carefully, "Anelinde what has happened?"

locked away for our own sake

A brief conversation takes place to piece together the happenings of what is going on.
Windsong asks, "Was there...a second child?"
Belom says, "I feel more than one presence here .. perhaps Anelinde has siblings?"
CONMAN whispers, "Tha mother."
Windsong replies, "She was struck, remember? Before the daughter was imprisoned..."
Belom nods to CONMAN, "Aye, perhaps that."
Windsong says, "Unless...he faked that?"

Sadara squints and shakes her head, she looks to Wind, Belom, and Conman, and nods gently, "Who are we speaking to right now? What is your name?"

The spirit whispered into my ear their name, "Nowyn"

we are trapped here

father why? why?

Sadara speaks again in a much more inquisitive tone, "Nowyn why are you here in Anelinde's room?"

to end him

Windsong blinks in surprise, her eyes growing wide.

Sadara nods in understanding slowly, as she speaks again, "Why do you want to end him?"

Windsong mutters softly, "Who wouldn't in their place...?"

Belom says, "For their freedom I would think."

Kelos then pointed to the portal, as a ward had been placed upon it. For a few seconds a pang of distress washed over everyone, before they spoke again.

have no fear

we only seek him

I quickly attempted to ask one final question, "Nowyn... one more question before you go... do you wish us to aid you in someway?" To no response as now all three flames began to fade out.

This seance was interesting and very troubling at the same time. Many questions abound afterwards. Was Nowyn Anelinde's sibling?
Who is Nowyn?
How old was Nowyn when they also were imprisoned?
How did Goril get away with imprisoning two of his children?
Is Nowyn even Goril's child?
Can Nowyn be trusted?
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