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Element Alchemy Dessert Cookbook 1st Edition

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Element Alchemy Dessert Cookbook 1st Edition

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1.SoulSharing Cake:
Makes silky smooth bright emerald custard on top of chalk-colored sticky cake

Granulated hardened dreamsouls sprinkles
lucid tained dreamsoul powder
pure dreamsoul powder.
Bright green resilience concentrated juice
Deshelled dreamer eggs,
Ago milk
sugar, salt.

Soak the granulated hardened dreamsoul sprinkles in with purified dream water
mix more water with the granulated dreamsoul, and salt together, and pour it into the cake pan.
once it’s fluffed, flatten it out.
steam again
combine the dreamer concentrated resilience juice, ago milk, powdered pure dreamsoul, tainted dreamsoul powder, and sugar and mix well.
Add dreamer eggs and strain into a medium bowl. simmer over a double boiler
stir continuously and cook until thickens.
pour the bright green mixture over the top of the granulated hardened dreamsoul sprinkles.
steam for a bit more.
Allow to cool, cut into squares serve.

2. Drunken Cheesecake

Dreamsoul, ago milk, and salt whipped into a cream cheese
Extremely potent and concentrated lucidity
a small dose of liquid will
butter from ago milk fat.
dreamer eggs
FateSender Toe jam (special recipe)
Bottle of highest proof ya can find.

Beat the crap out of the ago milk-based cream cheese, and sugar until smooth
add curdled ago milk with a tinge of lucidity
small dose of liquid will, and salt. mix until seamless mush.
Add 2 dreamer eggs, beat them a few times, and take a drink of the alcohol
whisk FateSender Toe jam with purified resilience water with lucid-driven flame. until smooth.
mix the cheesecake and toe jam together with half a cup of alcohol swirling til it’s pretty.
bake it until the edges get puffy, and take it out to cool.
Concentrate insight around resilience to create a cooling effect around the sides of the pan until it’s cold. This may take several shots of whatever alcohol you found!
Then serve, if you're still standing.

3. Exploding cupcakes (Peace cake)

fill a bowl halfway with powdered dreamsoul.
add salt
Add sugar
add one and a half cups of ago milk butter.
two tincture of will
half cup of soulmaster milk
An even portion of compressed and concentrated lucidity and insight mixture.

Create a dreamsoul bubble, fill the bubble with a focused pure concentrated mixture of lucidity and insight. Let it harden keeping compressed until it does.
Very carefully place in center of cupcake pans.
Mix the powdered dreamsoul with salt sugar, ago butter, tensures of will , and soulmaster milk
beat until only slightly lumpy.
Pour over dreamsoul bubble. Bake.
let cool.
Cover with a thick and drenched concentrated resilience.
Await, the final moment when the dreamsoul bubble is cracked letting the insight and lucidity smash into the resilience creating the explosion sending particles of cake everywhere.
4. FateSlayer Licorice

half a cup of dreamsoul powder
pinch of salt from a bitter dreamer
half cup horron oil
sap weeping willow
cup of sugar from the sweetest dreamer you know
well-whipped ago milk
extract of fatesenders essence
extract of horron essence

combine dreamsoul powder, salty dreamer, sugar from sweet dreamer
cook the horron oil, sap weeping willow, and well-whipped ago milk. bring to boil
stirring occasionally
dip a bit of the wet mixture into the nearest body of water. if you can make a ball, your are done with that part take it off the heat.
pour in the powder mixture, adding in the fatesender and horron essence extract.
mix until it’s nice and gooey
pour the mixture into the pan then freeze it with the best a dreamseer can muster, using a res ellie for the chill factor.
Then roll it out into arms-length twists. chill again.
When ready this tasty treat will snap like a whip, making the most powerful kotoken cry.

5. Sticky strawberry surprise:
pick your freshest and most plump strawberries.
squeeze your move lovable soulmaster until the burst gathering the liquid
cook the liquid with a boatload of sugar from the sweetest dreamer.
add extract of gatekeeper essence.
and when it starts getting thick.. dip the strawberries into it.

Chill with the nearest dreamseer chewing on a res ellie.
Enjoy the succulent taste of soulmaster’s sweet nectar covering your beloved strawberries.

~Stormy Edwards, ~\/\
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