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A combined Resource of Available Information on Idoaclesia.

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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A combined Resource of Available Information on Idoaclesia.

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I was asked to share with you what my city was like, and what its history is that I remember. I can only tell you by personal experience, what I know and from the lessons that were taught to me by others. I am not a historian, nor a wordsmith, I am a simple scryer who shares her own truths of the obstacles; I had to overcome in Idolclesia. That was before it was violently ripped away from me by the Purge. The Great Chaos wave that was released in Idolclesia and caused the city’s demise.

I would like to start by sharing what Blodewedd and Jade, of what fellow Idoclesians have published.
To understand Idoclesia you have to understand the houses that rose, that conquered, and then fell. They laid out the groundwork of the corruption and violence that was a daily event in my city. I can not share the atrocity of the fel art, its too traumatic to share. It was a daily game to see who would survive or perish on the Altar of Shame at Inbetween.

These houses are in no particular order other than whats in my written journals from infomation I had inquired from the Duchess and what I could research and find from my dearest friend Jade.

Council of Wardens-as told by Blodewedd

Wraiths (spirits like Bashir, the Shadow) exist within and outside of the Dream City, with a great number of them contained in The Palisades under the former Temple of Bashir. Wraiths are extra-planar creatures that gain power in the Dreamscape through the recognition and servitude of dreamers. Wraiths can exist intangibly and can also take avatar form. They are more powerful while in avatar form, but are also vulnerable to imprisonment and Dreamstrike. It can be beneficial for Wraiths and dreamers to coexist and use one another for mutual gain. It is wrong to worship Wraiths, lest they become too powerful, at cost to dreamers. The Wraiths imprisoned in the Palisades are presumably dangerous and must remain bound to the prison. Dynroth is demonstrably dangerous and must be kept imprisoned as well.

The Council of Wardens view the minor beasts as an extension of a long-escaped wraith. They feel that centuries ago, a wraith of great power broke free of the Palisades and the variant itself, fleeing to a foreign City where he or she established a religious order. Similar to the empowerment of Bashir with the Cult, this escaped wraith grew exponentially stronger and amassed a great following. Once the wraith felt comfortable in its own power, it decided to return to our variant to seek vengeance. At this time, he or she called on loyal followers to commit eternity to their self-styled god, transforming themselves into the Hotai, similar to the Echten Knights of the Coven. Despite some limited success on exacting vengeance upon returning to this variant, the master wraith felt his or her wrath was not being sufficiently executed. As such, the master wraith split its soul into a seemingly limitless number of fragments that took form as the lesser beasts (Emphants, Bogroms, Shamblix, etc) to more directly affront the City that had once imprisoned him or her.

​With this view of the lesser beasts in mind, the Wardens feel it compulsory to take the essences and re-imprison the soul fragments into the Palisades. The goal is to, literally bit-by-bit, re-incarcerate the master wraith. The Wardens do not accept the other factions utilizing the essences: they feel an accumulation of wraith soul within the other factions' Primes will lead only to malice and destruction. They are willing to compromise should another faction wish only the essences' strength but will defer the soul fragment to the Wardens for proper handling.

1. Wardens will obey the commands of their superiors.
2. Commands will comply with the doctrine of the Charter.
3. There shall be no more than two rulers.
4. There shall be no fewer than two and no more than four guardians.
5. Candidates for initiation must be sponsored by an active Warden. The candidate shall complete a task set forth by the sponsor. Upon completion, the sponsor shall present the candidate for approval by the Council.
6. Guardians are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Ruler.
7. Rulers are the supreme authority in all matters relevant to the integrity of the Palisade and in extreme circumstances, may suspend part, or all of the Charter in order to preserve the long-term integrity of the organization.
8. Rulers are appointed by succession.

8a. If a ruler is absent for a period greater than three weeks, a new ruler shall be appointed by the Head Warden and confirmed with a majority vote.

8b. Rulers may be voted out of their position, in extreme circumstances. A member will publicly approach the Head Warden to initiate a vote of No-confidence in the ruler. The Head Warden will supervise the vote. In two-thirds total active members have no confidence, the Guide shall demote the ruler to initiate rank. A majority vote, conducted directly after the demotion, and supervised by the Head Warden, shall occur to instate a new ruler. If no clear majority exists, the Head Warden shall appoint a new ruler.

9. (missing from my notebook)
10. Wardens will never intentionally bring harm to one another. Except in cases of ceremony, where deemed necessary.
11. Wardens will maintain their arms, their equipment, and selves at all times.
12. Wardens will actively harvest prime energy to power the house.
13. (Addendum) Wardens shall actively collect the essences of the minor beasts to imprison the soul fragments within them.
14. (Addendum) Wardens shall not tolerate other factions or individuals jeopardizing the soul fragments of the essences.

On Wraiths:
1. Wardens shall enter into parole agreements with imprisoned wraiths only in cases that pose clear benefit to the Wardens, and never to the extent that the wraith is given boundless freedom within the city of Underlight.
2.The agreement shall always stipulate a time limit.
3.Wardens shall never kneel to nor offer supplication to a wraith.

Emancipators of Men As told by Blodwedd

The EoM was a house devoted to Responsible Freedom in the dream. They fought through any means necessary to achieve freedom for all. They outlasted their old enemies which included the Sect of the Prudent (The Sect) and The Cult of Bashir (CoB) and often allied with the Emergence Academy (EA). They were last led by Krodoc until he decided to close it down. The house structure was divided into three branches: Warrior, Knowledge, and Diplomats.

​House Charter
​The Emancipated strive to provide those that act responsibly the right, and ability, to act and speak freely. We will always strive to protect those who cannot defend themselves, to stand up as the city's defenders, and to stand between the weak and the wicked. The Emancipated are to be pillars of the community; revered for their honor, honesty, compassion and integrity.
Members are expected to abide by the decisions of the leadership and to treat one another with respect at all times, even when our ideas are not necessarily united. Members are also expected to defend the House, its Members, and its cause as needed, be it physically or ideologically.
Should the leadership suspect a member of treason, the leadership reserves the right to demote first and discuss the matter at length with the accused after the fact. Should the leadership find they are wrong in their accusations, the accused will be re-initiated without additional requirements.

The Commander, or Ruler, of the House is to set an example for the rest of the House. The Commander is above no duty, and is expected to assist in every need of the House. He/she will be recognized, and respected, as the one that has been selected to guide and make decisions about where the house should be headed, and what needs to be done.

Generals, or Guardians, are expected to serve as the Commanders right hand, and should be a pinnacle of honor and virtue. Generals are expected to take part in the decision making processes set forth by the Commander. They are also to act as a liaison between the Trinity Knights and the Commander. General's are above no duty and are expected to assist in every need of the House.

​Trinity Knights, or Initiates, are the backbone of the House and are expected to uphold the highest standards of honor and integrity at all times. It is their responsibility to present the leadership with ideas and theories that further progress the efforts of the Emancipated. It is also upon them to report any injustices they witness within the city, so that the House can act upon them as required.

Vacant positions within the House leadership will be voted upon by all. A majority vote is required for appointments to be made. Should a majority vote not be handed down, the leadership will make appointments as deemed necessary and appropriate. The leadership reserves the right to freely appoint titles to members for their individual efforts, duties and goals

House Paths
​Warrior: The Warrior path in the house is quite simple. Those who follow this path ensure that all members understand and execute any offensive or defensive action that house may take. They ensure that the house armories and vaults are well stocked with the best items available. They help with training of the members, as well as each other. They fight together, with one purpose.

​Knowledge: The Knowledge path works together to bring about change within the city through knowledge gained from tasking, exploration, experiments, and simple study. The Knowledge path is in charge of house mentoring, and ensures that all know remain up to date with the happenings of the city.

​Diplomats: The path of the Diplomats assist in ambassadorial duties, as well keeping an eye on the actions of other houses. Using information from those representing other houses, the Diplomats seek alliances, or notify the house of any action they see as strange, or suspicious.
House Artifact

Tablet of Freedom: A tablet of moderate size; heavy, but manageable; made of marble with the engraving "Freedom, and the Good of All." Its colors of sand, clay, and specks of blue are variegated throughout.

The artifact was originally found in several pieces. Zar'tenya found a few just before the Great Awakening and the remaining two pieces were found by groups of EoM supporters led by herself and Gharod on the Trinity Plains a few days after the Great Awakening. After an evening full of conflict with their rivals, the Sect of the Prudent, the pieces of the tablet were reunited on the EoM facade.

House Founding
​After Idoaclese was murdered his ideals were left up to interpretation. Two dreamers in particular, Igteus and Gharod, came head to head as a result of their interpretations. Each accused the other of twisting Idoaclese's philosophies for personal gain. Many battles were fought between the two and their friends. Both groups worked hard to open one of the bastions located at the end of a plane so that they might gain a defensive upper hand. Igteus and his group opened the Sect of the Prudent at the end of the Lambent Flats first but much progress had already been made by Gharod and his friends in learning how to open the bastion at the top of the Trinity Planes.

​Skirmishes over their competing interpretations continued to escalate up until the Great Awakening when three of Gharod's comrades and two of Igteus' comerades inexplicably disappeared during a great battle in which the master teachers were forced to intervene. The Masters said that if they didn't intervene to stop the battle it would have continued to encompass the whole city and threaten to destroy it. One day later Gharod and Zar'tenya had the chance to return to searching for the last two pieces of the artifact which they believed, once restored, would empower them to open the doors to the bastion and be a source of hope and strength for the Emancipators. The last two pieces were found on the Trinity Planes with help of some of the young pledges. Once the pieces were joined and the artifact emanated with power the doors to the bastion opened and Gharod had the ability to give crests to those who would pledge their allegiance.
Thus began a new chapter in the fight for freedom.

Eternal Order as told by Kira Windveil

"The Order was founded using Kira's idea on morals, my [Varwyn's] understanding of the weave, and other combined information"

The Order has its roots just after I left the [Tribunal of] Solara, when I did, many of its members followed me out of loyalty and the like. We set some groundwork then, but it wasn't until years later, upon mount Illapse, that I put the ideal into motion. People had been slain, and continued to be killed left and right. The city entered a period of despair, and soon after, I went to the Memoriam of Gharod within the Keep sanctuary.. several followed me, including Krodoc, A narrow beam of light entered the sanctuary, and pierced the DreamBlade and amulet which I left so long ago in his memory. A small fern apparently grew from that place, and a voice spoke to me. Initially, what I was moved to found was known as the Order of Rebirth. The first person to join me was Krodoc. We formed together under the precepts of honor and truth. We set fourth to create a faction that used its talents and abilities to do good for everyone and serve the DreamScape.

We started with two paths, Heart and the Mind, which later became the Sun and the Moon. All members were to be a part of a movement that would see an end to Dreamstrike, and prevent a way to defend from it, and even reverse it. We began to be drawn to certain points in the city, the city itself began to make itself known to us, limited in speech, but its reactions and gifts, began to direct us. Varwyn, put fourth terms that would represent four controlling powers, and later the founding of more corporeal parts supplemented those, and the concept of the weave, and a living DreamState, we're born. Many of my family joined early, still more continued to join, thinking that what we did was exactly what needed to be done, also knowing that those of us who made up the core and founding members, we're perhaps some of the most trustworthy and honorable within the city.

We centered at Gharod's Memoriam in Illapse keep. When we crafted the Eternal Crystal, there was a battle between Volnox and Bandaret, after it ended, Bandaret retreated, and Volnox appeared with the Sectarian guides crest. The Crystal bound itself to that Stronghold, by the dreams choice. After the Crystal was formed, we were led to the old Sectarian stronghold, and at that time, Volnox assigned ranks. Though I'd forged an uneasy peace with him, he decided that as I had ruled thrice prior, that I should serve as an initiate even though many in the house disagreed with such. Instead, Ash was granted Guardian. Varwyn was named Imperator, and all were initiated. After that, we organized ourselves further, though Varwyn recognized that both she and I should both have been granted the rank of Imperator, as did the entire house, so we maintained the Counsel sessions as we did in the past to rule.

I brought several primes that I had recovered to be kept in the Rulers chambers, the blade of defiance, a broken shield, and codices from other variants to name a few. Soon after, the house pushed for me to be raised to Sentinel. During that time, a war broke out between us and the Emancipated, Laviticas' aggression being a major factor in it. Towards the end of that, I began to lose stability, and my ability to dream, with it, I lost my crest and awoke here five years later from my perspective. When I returned, the house had changed entirely, and those of us who founded the house were viewed as outcast. You see, Ash imposed many of his own personal sectarian beliefs after we lost our ability to dream. He was kept at bay when we controlled the house, but when it slipped to him, well, the rest is history.

The Charter (at the opening of the house)
Originally, the charter stated that we were protectors of the DreamState, as well as her children, as they were, imperfect or otherwise. We always were to view those we sought to improve with compassion and oblige. For ourselves, we sought furtherance of our knowledge of the DreamScape and the controlling powers, as well as unlocking the secrets that we'd not yet fully learned.

We maintained watch on the four controlling powers, Lucidity linked to Destruction, Insight Perception, Resilience linked to creation, and Willpower linked to transformation. And DreamSoul linked all as the controlling power.

We were setting fourth to also study, Anti Insight linked to Obstruction, Anti Willpower - Transmutation, Anti Lucidity - The Void, and Anti Resilience linked Annihilation, we sought to learn the subtle interplay of all 10 of the elements that make up reality.

Power, Unity, Discipline, and Obedience, were four lesser powers, that guided us as well. Our soldiers were taught another set of basic moral principles, compassion, truth, justice, and the belief that one must act responsibly, and with reason and sanity.

We hold ourselves as the 'scapes champions, those she has raised to a position of nobility if we will answer the call and carry ourselves as such. ~Varwyn

Oath of the Eternal Order
I, [Name], hereby acknowledge the power of the elemental weave of the Dreamscape and recognize my own place within it. I will diligently utilize and learn from the elements so as to strengthen my mind, spirit, and avatar.
I am Resilience; the power to create. I am Insight; the power to know. I am Insight; the power to change. I am Lucidity; the power to destroy. I am DreamSoul; the power to live. I am a dreamer, and the power is my own.
I will seek excellence in all that I do, for the improvement of myself, the Eternal Order, and the city. I will embrace both war and peace in recognition of their importance to personal and collective growth. I will dutifully obey the commands of the Imperator and Sentinels and treat my fellow consuls with respect.
I swear my true faith and allegiance.
Hail, to the Order.

Scholars of Eternity~ as told by Blodewedd
A faction formed from a joining of the Eternal Order and the Emergence Academy. Their beliefs are best stated in their oath "As a Scholar of the Eternity, I pledge to study the City, the Weave, and all of its energies. I will apply my knowledge and my increasing ability to manipulate these energies both towards self improvement, and, most importantly, towards the growth of the city as a whole. I swear not only to commit myself to researching the city and its energies, but also to protect them from harm, and misuse."


The Scholars of Eternity, formed from the minds and ideologies of the two great Houses of the Emergence Academy and the Eternal Order, shall endeavor to build up a strong and capable faction within the City that will serve to protect the natural energies of the Dream and its dreamers while actively seeking greater knowledge of it and its potential. The Scholars feel that the entirety of the DreamScape is comprised of the constant yet malleable interworkings of the energies: DreamSoul, Insight, Lucidity, Resilience, and Will. This eternal and dynamic flow of energies within the Dream is known as 'the Weave'. It is via this interplay that dreamers are able to interact with the Dream, each other, and even their own avatars and minds.

​With respect to the concept of the Weave and all that it implies here in the Dream, the Scholars seek to protect the Dream and its energies from those who would do it harm or misuse it. We feel the energies of the Dream should be explored in ways to improve the overall condition of the citizenship and the City itself through research and understanding of how we can interact with the DreamScape and affect it.

As such, the Scholars of Eternity will constantly seek to better our selves and strive to expand the ways in which we can both protect and improve the Dream. We feel it is the prerogative of the individual to seek self-advancement such that he or she can better contribute to the Scholars' efforts at providing a secure, improved dreaming experience for other dreamers.

Emergence Academy as told by Blodewedd

The Emergence Academy is founded on the following principles:
First: Science, experimentation, and research.
Second: The fundamentals of solid, dreamwide Diplomacy
Third: The notion of Free-thinking and the attempt to handle situations with an open, clear mind, after viewing scenarios in as many angles as possible.
Fourth: The desire to re-shape the Dreamscape in a way that it alters, enhances, and betters the Dreams of tomorrow. Respect the past, but focus on the present and on the future.
Fifth: We believe in the Weave. The Weave being the Dreamscape *itself*, it's energies, avatars, planes, and elements. We are all apart of the Weave in some way.
Sixth: That the body of the House has an opportunity to relay ideas, concerns, comments on House administration for consideration to the Cause's leadership.
Seventh: The concept of unity, as a well-oiled, and functioning machine free from stagnation.
Eighth: A House that takes stands on pressing issues that may affect the safety, and preservation of the Dreaming.
Ninth: A safe-haven for the Newly Awakened to come, and to grow and learn about the Dreaming.
Tenth: A Cause committed to intellectual excellence, and the spread of knowledge through experience, and by example.

Scryers of Truth as told by Blodwedd, (which was to become my first home)

​The Scryers of Truth believe in the researching of the city's past, present and possible future. The Scryers believe in scrying, an act that allows them to see visions of what may be to come. The structure is based on the understanding of truth in all things in the city, including, but not limited to planes, fonts, talismans, arts, dreamers, beasts and so on.
The Scryers of Truth are a house of discovery and interpretation. Those in the membership of the Scryers aim to better understand the Truth of the City, its planes, arts, talismans, elements, sanctuaries, fonts, past, present, future and its inhabitants. Scryers serve to see the Truth, no matter the cost. None shall stand in the way of the path to Truth; the Scryers believe it is not ours nor anyones’ place to withhold Truth from the greater city. All Truth is revealed in its own time.
As a Scryer of Truth, I will give my life in pursuit of truth, no matter where it may take me. I will not hide behind false ideals, nor knowingly promote false information. I will stand for ethical honor. I understand our tasks will be endless and trying. I understand that the city holds many secrets and surprises; however, I as a Scryer must dig through the shades of truth to come to the final truth. Truth is my passion, my heart, my blood.
The Scryers of Truth feel that the lesser beasts of the city are deceptive beings and aim to negate the growth of the city and the finding of the Truth. Therefore they must be collapsed and their essence Deflected outside the City of Dreams. Entities of greater strength who take on beast form may have their own agendas. The Scryers will attempt to understand each case by case and discern the Truth of their nature.

Rashila's Mirror is fine tuned to deflect negative energies away from the city and back into the Chaos. While deflecting the negative and reflecting the positive energies, the Mirror absorbs a bit of each in balance, allowing it to become stronger and this more able to do what it was designed to do.
Reflection is a technique used by the Scryers of Truth which allows Truth to be revealed and reflected back. The Prime of the Scryers of Truth, Rashila's Mirror is able to reflect truthful energies back to the city, thus promoting growth within the house, the city, and the individual dreamer as well. Scrying is an example of reflection.
Deflection is a technique used by the Scryers of Truth to discern deceptive energy and deflect it outside the City of Dreams. The Prime of the Scryer of Truth, Rashila's Mirror is able to deflect these deceptive energies outside the City of Dreams. It is out belief that the Hotai planted the eggs which brought about the lesser beasts to bring chaos and confusion to our dreams. We wish to return the balance.


*Diplomats: Act in political matters and serve as Ambassadors to the city.

*Scrying: Focus on the visions from scrying and the discernment and interpretation thereof.

*Research: All Scryers are involved in this branch which is devoted to discovery and research of the City of Dreams.

*Combat: The strongarm of the Scryers of Truth, serve to defend and protect the Truth and the Scryers in all that they do.

​Long ago, when Belom was still crested with the Emergence Academy, he grew weary of a stagnant household. He decided it was time to resign his post as an initiate therein. Shortly after Belom left the Academy, he and Xyn Rhade began talking and tossing some ideas back and forth at each other.

Not long after, Terelius Ignium, still somewhat involved with the Hand of Fate offered the two of them some of her own thoughts. After many dreams the Seekers of Truth came to be an acting faction in the City of Dreams.

From idle conversation the Scryers of Truth first sought out Edgeward Barrows to house their membership. At this time the Council of Wardens was not a faction. However, the city did not see the Barrows as a wise plane for a house of Truth.

Lambent Flats was discussed, but finally settled on the Umbric Plains, where the house of the Scryers of Truth resides today. Through time, all Truth is revealed and the Scryers of Truth vow to seek the Truth, no matter where it might lead.

The Scryers of Truth lead a path to uncover the origins of the city. They will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, in excavation, in histories and in scryings. Through these mediums, they aim to dig up ancient talismans, work on new arts, new talismans and much more. The Scryers continue to see dedicated dreamers who wish to make something more of their dreams.

The Cult of Bashir as told by Jade, an actual member.

I first began dreaming a day or two after the Great Awakening. I was young, vulnerable and confused. I couldn't find a soul as I aimlessly searched...until one dream, a soft reassuring voice carried over the Barrows sands and whispered in my ear. I followed the soothing words all the way up to the stronghold at the end of the path, but no one was to be seen. I decided to wait and return, another dream. When I did, I was met with a group of dreamers. I explained my feeling of being drawn to the fortress. They were delighted to enlighten me and give a name for the voice.

I was told that long ago there was a pantheon of gods – thirteen in total. When dreamers started to flood the City, those of the gods turned and left. Bashir was the only one that took interest in our existence and decided to stay to watch over us. Life in the dream began to flourish, but then came a great Darkness. Being of the dream itself and in his kindness, Bashir fought it. So great was the battle, that scars remained above the Evernight sky and stained the Edgeward bloody. The battle raged on, until finally, in his incredibly weakened state, Bashir managed to cast out this wretched Darkness. So weakened, he went to rest, and was then without a body. As time moved forward, dreamers came and went; the City was now in ruins.

Then came the Great Awakening, which was a flood of dreamers breathing life back into the dream. Bashir began to stir, reaching out for assistance to his first Chosen, Ra'as, through whispers. Ra'as rose to the occasion and began to preach of the “God” Bashir and his peaceful wishes to bring protection and happiness to us all. He formed a following, and they soon aided Bashir in his restoration.

Us Faithful were met with firm resistance in carrying out our endeavors from opposing houses; namely, the Sect of the Prudent and the Emancipators of Men. We fought back, using Bashir's blessings of the Perfect Form (among other things) to even the playing field. The Perfect Form was an avatar similar to a Horron. We believed we were fighting for love and peace...hoping that one day everyone would realize the Great One's true intentions and that we would all be under one banner.

All he asked for in return for his protection and magnificent blessings was servitude and blood sacrifice. My naive self thought that was reasonable, when it came to the wonderful path he set before us.

Eventually, the Cult lost its power base largely due to the absence of key figures, and then was not able to make it through the variant shifts. Bashir was supposedly 'defeated' despite his god-status, driving the final nail into this faction's coffin.

Paramount figures:
Ra’as – First Chosen
Anyasha – Second Chosen
Terelius Ignium – Heart
Sala Erosa – Voice
Gromnir – Sword
Jade – Compassion
Xyn Rhade – Will

Stronghold: Edgeward

The Sect of the Prudent, told by Jade.

We seek salvation, perfection, and glorification through faith. Salvation can only be achieved when all accept our ways and the guidance of our leaders – for only they can determine what step we take next. The Age of Salvation will be a great one, indeed. Prosperity will reign once again and all those of bad nature or ill intention will succumb to a proper and effective fate!

It is our sacred duty to usher in the Age of Salvation, and we live to do so. Our ideals serve to guide us on the path to salvation. A direct breach of our ideals is the highest form of treason. All members of the Sect are Righteous: one should always strive to uphold what is good and right. All members must challenge all that is not good and all that is wrong. All members of the Sect are Virtuous: one is not measured by their words alone, but by their actions.

All members must strive to dream virtuous dreams; to not only believe, but to act upon those beliefs. All members of the Sect are Honorable: one is never to demean one’s enemy or lie to obtain an advantage. All members must remain polite, tactful and honorable in all situations presented to them. All members of the Sect are Disciplined: one should never act irrational or question authority. All members must remain rational at all times. Never should one question a ruler – a ruler’s word is final.

All members of the Sect are Devoted: one should always uphold our faith and ideals. All members understand that our faith and ideals are true in every aspect; we must never question them, nor allow others to do so. Idoaclese set the Sect of the Prudent on the True Path of Salvation!

Five Ideals:
(Guide) Igteus’ Words:
“The Sect of the Prudent is perhaps the oldest house that any have seen, in as long as I have dreamed. In fact, until the recent Awakening, it was the only house. Nearly two decades old, many have come and gone. We have always sought Salvation - having been set upon this path by Idoaclese, who was also responsible for the creation of The Order. It is important you know exactly why we seek Salvation, why it is so important and why it is worth dying for. No sane dreamer would die for a cause, without knowing why that cause is so important.

With that knowledge, one dreamer has the potential to become more dedicated than any multiple. When you entered this grand city, you were met with what could be considered a procession of dreamers...seeking to greet you, learn of you, and share their ways. When I entered this city, I was met with a series of desolate, empty ruins. I first stepped foot in a Threshold four decades ago, nothing more than a boy who had recently become a man. I was met with no procession. In fact, hours blended into days, days blended into weeks, weeks blended into months before I came across another dreamer.

When I did occasionally come across another, they wished nothing to do with me or anyone else for that matter. They were used to dreaming in such a complacent and secluded way. They were content and happy with the prospect of many more years of emptiness to come. I, too, fell into this terrible path, having been surrounded by it and only it for so long. The future seemed bleak, not because it couldn’t be changed but because it wouldn’t be changed. Then – when all had lost hope – a young man stood up and stated that change would happen.

He spent many, many years seeking ways to revive not only the city itself, but the hearts of those who dwelled in it. Finally, he succeeded. This man was named Idoaclese and the Sect of the Prudent was the success. Shortly after the creation of this beautiful path, measured in years, not decades...Idoaclese met his death. I was chosen to take up where he left off and ensure the continuing pursuit of his vision.

What path was it that Idoaclese set us upon? Not only self betterment, but betterment of the whole. Salvation, as Idoaclese defined it, is a place in time when all will gather under our banner and perfection will reign supreme. The evils of complacency and disorder will have been extinguished. These five ideals, each no less important than the other, define exactly what the Age of Salvation will be like. Righteousness: unhindered goodness, the goodness of extremes - unquestioned goodness.

Honor: always being of clear intention. An example that I have repeatedly used, is that even the act of brutal murder can be honorable, if it is not preformed while the victim has their back turned. Virtue: simply believing is not good enough. If you do not act, then your beliefs are inconsequential. All members of the Sect are judged based on virtue. Devotion: we understand that the path towards salvation is the one and only True Path. We will not question that nor shall we allow others to do so. Discipline: we will rise when spoken to, fall when commanded, never question our leaders and remain collected in all situations.

Our path is the one True Path, there is no question about that. Both conversion and destruction are valid tactics, each as vital as the other. And we must not allow others to question our ways.”

Stronghold: Lambent

The Dominion- is the beginning of the end of Idolclesia in my view.

Their base was up on Edgeward, the leader was a strange being that bore three faces, and would show expression of one of those faces in reaction to what it was hearing. To Dominion to me was a policed state of mind. To control us with fear; they had our elders, skewered on pikes on their facade. Those elders were believed to be Sethyn and Cynthaya, the third I never got to identify, its identity was closely guarded. Their members walked through our city’s threshold and handed out punishments for violating directes or edicts that were neither posted on the City Scrolls, they merely made them up as they went along to torment us each day. If we didn't comply, we were hunted relentlessly, our avatar’s stripped of its precious experience and energy.

As you can see, we had constant violence and corruption as the moral fabric of our dreams fell away on a daily basis. A dreamer was caged in the Edgeward Threshold Way, by the Dominion and tortured in front of us. For the life of me I can not remember this woman’s name, it escapes me, as much as the traumatic images of our last days in the city became a blur. I believe I dissociated from the pain and it has affected some of my memory of my city to escape the trauma. The only good part of her story was; she later escaped to the Twilight Grove, that sat in the Inbetween off Evernight Plane.

Earthquakes rocked the city day and night at this point, as Varwyn the leader of Dreamwalkers began shutting down the portals from the outer planes, along with the Pallisades priest. I was a new member of the Dreamwalkers by then and it was my assigned job to stand in guardianship; as a companion for the Soul of the City whose lonely role came to play out its final days in Skyward.

Ah Skyward..now this is a treat to recall. A wondrous place, you first walked into the area. There is a tiny bridge that lead over the path to the portal of the Awakened Woods. Thousands of tiny unawakened soulspheres floated in the sky. They were so close, you could almost touch them...twinkling all around you. To experience this place, you felt it was truly magical, and I found myself drawn to this place more, each dream mind blanked to escape the reality of what was happening to my fellow dreamers below. To go into the portal of the Awakened Woods, I always gasped, the massive tree of Knowledge sat in its center. The trunk was emournous, it could house 50 or more dreamers inside its trunk. The roots...reached out in a grandness, gnarly as they appeared, but a glow to them. You sensed they were feeding us. I used to get up close to the tree and whispers” Hello Mother Dream..are you hiding in there?”.

At the end of the path of Awakened Woods you came to a set of stairs..two huge columns with celled rooms sat on its second level, which appeared as if a dreamer's shadows was in each alcove, always watching. A trick of the mind's eye to be sure. You walked down the stairs and peered beside you into this celled well. You couldn't see to the bottom, only the faint glow of a fire lamp illuminated the side walls of the well. It left you curious to what was being guarded down there. I found out later, it was the Heart of the City. Then you walked into the back part of the Awakened Wood down those stairs you went down; came to a room. 4 tall fire lamps stood 2 by 2 on each side of the room, guardians , standing guarding the swirled fountain. Upon the Fountain was a Soulsphere..the Soul of the City, hovered above. Below..massive veins of energy cracked the floors and appeared to move like molten lava. Glowing as its movements advanced to feed the city. That Soulsphere was so grand to look at, yet sadly alone.

The Soul of the City was female, she explained she “chose this role, to sit and watch, to make sure the city was being balanced and fed” she would recall. Never had she given her name or who she was in her prior dreams.I would sit, night and day talking with the Soul, she would share her grief she felt, as the city began its errorsion from the deep corruption and I would try to sooth her pain. The city would rock violently beneath me to the point that there were constant earth rumblings beneath my feet. I would lose my balance. When I was with the SOUL, I never really noticed. I began dissociating more and shutting the rest of the dream out..only hearing the Souls voice, while dreamers frantically met to discuss how they could save themselves. She had many conversations with Varwyn, which only her and Varwryn were privy to in whispers, deep in my heart I knew she was releasing the final plan to Varywn on how to end her suffering.

She only appeared as a dreamer twice to me, that was in my final dream, I begged to stay at her side and perish with her. I blinked and turned away, swallowing my own grief. That is when she rejected the notion then she sent me away to Trinity Rise to the open pastures, to be covered by the earthworms, in which their act created a cocoon to protect my avatar from the purge of the chaos wave. As the silk was covering me as I was sucked deeper into the earth; my last sight of my city was.I saw the Trinity skies being ripped from existence and a horrible sound of the dream being torn apart. As the last bit of silk..wrapped my head and the colors of the city mixed with the colors of the musky Trinity earth, then it went dark.

Liolira, Dreamwalker, a humble scryer of truth.
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung
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