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~¤§ Reclamation Project Journal - Entry One §¤~

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~¤§ Reclamation Project Journal - Entry One §¤~

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Library Reclamation Project
A report by Pa’uqo Coraal for the Guild of Souls

Statement of Intent:

The Staves of Draining placed within the Library of Souls by the Highborn Rubedo Morvant represent a direct threat to the safety and integrity of the City of Dreams. While it is recognized that the placement of the Staves represents an effort on the part of Rubedo Morvant to re-empower the Lightless Hollow with hopes for eventual restoration of that plane; it can not be ignored that Rubedo Morvant acted without the consent of the dreaming community, nor acknowledged the negative impact this effort would have both to the dreamers in residence within the City nor the direct impact to the fabric and stability of the Library of Souls. It has been therefore agreed that the immediate removal of the Staves be granted high priority and that every possible safe effort taken to affect their immediate removal in response to this act of aggression on the part of the remaining Highborn.

Workflow Process:

1. Research and Discovery Phase

Gather information regarding the events leading up to the placement of the Staves
Examine Staves of Draining directly to determine reach of drain effect
Verify current structural stability level of Library of Souls

2. Strategy Phase

Determine possible effective countermeasures to drain effect within Library of Souls
Gather support from dreaming community on behalf of Guild of Souls
Formulate method of approach to conduct reclamation event

3. Design and Development Phase

Collect Acid Distillate from Citadel cleansing effort led by Sadara
Creation of items necessary to facilitate reclamation effort to bypass drain effect
- Element of Apathy (negative Willpower): to counter Willpower drain
- Element of Fragility (negative Resilience): to counter Resilience drain
- Blending Mists (Insight): to create a standing Blend field around Staves
- Twisted Malison (Resilience): to produce Curse effect on the Staves
- Winged Edge (Willpower): to create a Shatter effect on the Staves
- Energy Collectors (Lucidity): to absorb explosive energies from the Staves
- Recollection Token (Dreamsoul): to transport the Staves should they explode

Summary of Events:

Dreamers gathered in numbers at a request for aid issued by the Guild of Souls to remove the Staves of Draining from their placement within the main meeting space of the Library of Souls. Representatives of the Houses, members of various guilds, and FreeSpirits were all in attendance. Volunteers were requested from the gathering to perform preparational duties as follows:

- Placement of negative Elemen (Elements of Apathy and Fragility) around the base of each respective Staff of Draining
- Placement of Recollection Tokens, affixed to the base of each Staff of Draining, to produce a translocational effect to transport the devices should instability in their removal produce an explosive event.
- Distribution of fabricated equipment to associated dreamers and instructions on their usage provided:

DreamSeers – Blending Mists
SoulMasters – Twisted Malison
GateKeepers – Winged Edge
FateSenders – Energy Collectors
Acid Distillate

Once instructions had been issued on the usage of the fabricated equipment, an overview of proceedings was provided to the gathered crowds as to the nature of the event, basic theories supporting the effort, and potential outcomes. It was understood that unexpected events were likely to occur along with a warning that dreamers should be prepared for any potential outcome if possible. Preparations completed; the effort began.

The Acid Distillate was applied to the base of each Staff of Draining with the theorized expectation the liquid would begin to dissolve the structure of the devices. After the placement of the Acid Distillate, the DreamSeers were instructed to create the Blend effect around the Staves of Draining. As designed, the Blend field manifested as mists of Insight around the Staves of Draining and stabilized. The first unexpected result occurred at this time when the fumes from the Acid Distillate combined with the Blending Mists and produced an acrid chemical scent to fill the area near the Staves, though the group pressed forward.

The FateSenders were instructed to raise the Energy Collectors and utilize Lucidity to curb or prevent any potential explosive energies that may arise from the Staves after the application of the Acid Distillate, while the SoulMasters began to utilize Twisted Malison to project Curse effects directly against the Staves of Draining with the hopeful expectation that, along with the presence of the negative Elemen, the draining effect of the Staves would be further reduced. It should be noted that no direct reduction in the strength of the draining effect was observed because of these efforts.

With no immediate changes present, and little visible dissolution from the presence of the Acid Distillate noted by the SoulMasters stationed at each of the Staves, it was determined that additional Acid Distillate should be applied. As more Acid Distillate was applied to the Staves and which produced small damage to the Staves, the Blending Mist condensed the Acid Distillate and produced an acidic condensation effect around the dreamers and rushed towards the top of each Staff, being absorbed. A loud popping noise was then heard, rumbling deep beneath the ground and from the direction of the Umbric Plane; the first observable reaction to the efforts being applied against the Staves of Draining.

At the issuance of the sound, the GateKeepers were instructed to utilize the Winged Edge devices and begin to Shatter directly at the base of each Staff to attempt to fully dislodge them. The SoulMasters continued to direct Cursed energy towards each Staff, the DreamSeers focused the Blending field and worked to prevent the acidic mists from spreading, while the FateSenders utilized both Energy Collectors and Lucidity to contain the energies of the Staves of Draining. In the flurry of Arts being projected; the energies around the Staves of Draining surged, with the Resilience Staff producing a bright flash which reached outwards to transport Sadara to the Lightless Hollow. While this stunned the dreamers momentarily, the efforts against the Staves of Draining continued. In short order, Sadara safely returned to the Library and rejoined the efforts.

Regrouping, the SoulMasters began to use what remaining Resilience they possessed to further concentrate the liquid Acid Distillate while the GateKeepers resumed projecting Shatter at the base of each Staff of Draining. The members of the Ziggurat present, to further weaken and remove the Staves, were requested to evoke Break Covenant against the Staves of Draining to better allow the GateKeepers to Shatter. Upon evocation and impact a loud hollow crack was heard coming from beneath the Umbric Plane, as the energies from the Arts of Shatter and Curse, the Acid Distillate, and the Blending Mists were absorbed into the base of each Staff of Draining. Along with the absorbed effects, the dreamers Elmer, Sadara, and Mandus were also drawn away and into the Lightless Hollow.

Noting that the Staves of Draining were proving troublesome and more resistant to the efforts of the dreamers, it was decided that a final attempt be made but that all efforts be focused solely against the Resilience Staff. The dreamers took positions and once again began their assault upon the singular device. As the energies and efforts converged, a hollow roar could be heard echoing from beneath the Umbric Plane.

The dreamers continued their efforts, adding physical efforts to remove the Staff manually while also pushing all remaining energies they possessed against the Resilience Staff of Draining. At the culmination and convergence of those energies, the Resilience Staff suddenly burst forth with a brilliant flash of blue light, causing all dreamers to experience momentary blindness in the aftermath of the flare.

After regaining their sight, the dreamers pressed onwards with dreamers pulling on the Staff while others continued to direct energies against the device. After long moments, the sound of Mandus’s voice screaming and Elmer growling could be heard from near the ceiling above the Staff. All efforts were immediately ceased as it was unknown what transpired within the Lightless Hollow. A short time later, the Staff of Draining began to resonate, and a FireStorm effect manifested from within the Resilience Staff to surge and rage around the dreamers in waves of flame and concussive force, causing the dreamers to cease their efforts and take cover. Mandus returned shortly thereafter and reported that no changes were present within the Lightless Hollow, nor the Staves placed there. It was agreed that no further changes would result from continued efforts at this time.

The dreamers lingered for a time to speak on the events of the evening and to discuss further efforts with plans to consider additional efforts after time to consider what was learned during this first attempt at removal of the Staves of Dreaming.

The dreamers were thanked by the Guild of Souls for their attendance and support and the effort was officially concluded.


The events that unfolded during the effort to remove the Staves of Draining provided for the following revelations/questions:
- The construction and placement of the Staves of Draining was conducted through a yet unknown process which bears further investigation and consideration before additional efforts are attempted.
- The effect produced by the Staves of Draining is not limited solely to energy. They are also capable of drawing physical matter into the Lightless Hollow.
- The FireStorm at the end of the event suggests the Staves are capable of operating in a multidirectional capacity; energy projected around them in the Lightless Hollow can be transmitted to the Staves within the Library.


Based on the information gained through the efforts to remove the Staves of Draining from within the Library of Souls makes it clear that additional information is necessary, along with research and experimentation before a successful removal is an achievable resolution. It is clear that the lack of sufficient knowledge prior to the attempt to remove the Staves proved detrimental to the working, though the gains in terms of new avenues of thought and consideration were of sufficient gain to continue pursuit of this objective. The planning for additional efforts in the described directions is now ongoing to provide precisely this outcome. Further details will be provided in future journal entries as additional information becomes available, or should situational status regarding the Staves of Draining change accordingly.
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