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(un) Nature (al) Find 7

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(un) Nature (al) Find 7

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Found in the Lashing Way in the Palisades, dangling from the ceiling . A mantis insect roughly 3 feet in length. Three glossy eyes of cobalt are unblinking. Threatening looking mandibles have sharp protrusions on either end. Four legs support it's long body. Fiery sparks spit and crackle from two front spindly legs which have angled sections at the tips, giving an allusion of hands folded in prayer. It crawls along the floor almost imperceptibly and prefers to grasp on to walls or ceilings.

I haven't named this thing yet..I'm still trying to get rid of the crawly feeling from it dragging its limbs across my head and dropping on me while I was walking a patrol in the Palisades. blech..

interesting looking fellow though.
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