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Temple Guild: REPORT #2

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Temple Guild: REPORT #2

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Report #2

Entity Name: Anelinde

Place: Lower Carin, Anelinde's Prison


The following is the third attempt at contact with Anelinde. This attempt included measures to prevent Goril from intruding the conversation as was a concern on the second attempt. In this attempt Coraal, Elmer, Icarus, Avery, Stormy Edwards, and Mandus were present:

Sadara softly speaks, "Hello Anelinde."

Faint sounds of whispers can be heard from all corners of the room.

Sadara soflty speaks once again, "Anelinde, we have returned to speak with you once again."

The whispers grow louder, unintelligble.

A faint shadow appears in front of the portal, wavering in and out of visibility.

One by one, each candle snuffs out.

Mandus grits his teeth and attempts to reignite the candles. Each ignition lasting for less than a second before the smoke curls from the wick.

The shadow moves to the middle of the room, in the center of the candle circle.

Coraal's head raises slightly, his eyes on the shadow within the circle

The shadow becomes more visible; it is clearly feminine.

Avery tucks her candle back in her backpack quietly, observing

Elmer smiles...whispers.."hello?"

The shadow hovers above the candles. "What do you want from me?"

Sadara says, "Anelinde, we do not want anything. We only wish to speak with you. And give you company."

The shadow speaks, her voice barely audible. "He doesn't want me to have friends."

Sadara nods gently as she listens closely, "I know... he may not want you to. And im sorry. We are here for you however. Is he... around?"

Avery looks at Mandus and then at the portal uncertainly

"He is always around."

Sadara looks to the portal out the corner of her eye and then back to the shadow with a warm expression. "Good to know. I hope that the gifts we brought you... got to you?"

The shadow moves near Sadara. "Yes."

Sadara shifts her gaze to the portal and smiles warmly to the shadow, "Im glad. Did you need anything that we could help with?"

The shadow's voice takes a mournful tone. "Let me out."

Sadara says, "I believe we might have something that can help."

Mandus nods to Sadara and then looks up to the Spirit, "The bond between you and your tormentor must be broken first, spirit."

Mandus draws out a piece of parchment from his coat and sets it gently on the ground near the shadow, "If you touch this, and your father touches this... we may be able to break the bond between you and free you."

The shadow moves back toward the center of the room.

Another set of whispers echoes across the room.

Sadara looks to Avery and then to the portal, she stands up and takes out her bag of salt, sprinkling a line in front of the portal.

The whispers fade just as soon as they began.

Avery stage whispers, "Keep an eye on that portal, eh."

Sadara nods to Avery and looks back to the shadow.

Mandus nods to Avery

The shadow hovers over the parchment.

The shadow takes on a more visible figure, the outlines of her avatar can now be seen. "What will this do?"

Mandus says, "Unless you have... a trinket, a necklace, any sort of gift your toromentor has given you over the years... Touching the parchment will leave an impression. It will take time to get him to do the same, but... Steps will have been taken."

The shadow appears to reach down and touch the parchment with a single finger. "I have nothing to lose."

Mandus nods firmly, "Thank you, Spirit."

The shadow hovers back around the center of the room, her avatar coming more into view. "Thank you for helping me."

Mandus nods to the Shadow, "What can you tell us about your tormentor? What is his relationship to you?"

The shadow stands on the ground, her feet firmly planted. "He is my father."

An angry legion of dark whispers echoes across the room.

Anelinde backs up a few steps. "Don't let him come in here."

The whispers come together to form a deep, angry voice. "LEAVE US."

Mandus takes a deep breath and infuses the salt with lucidity, spreading it over the portal.

The whispers vanish as suddenly as they arrived.

Anelinde slumps over, appearing defeated. "Please get me out of here."

Anelinde paces back and forth across the room. "He didn't want anything to happen to me. Bird, gilded cage."

"He wasn't so much a tormentor, as a guard keeping me prisoner. It was so lonely. So utterly lonely."

Coraal nods and looks at the shadow of Anelinda, his voice warm and gentle, "Sweet child, do you know what binds your father to this place, that he desires to keep you with him?"

"He didn't want me to die, like my mother did. Isn't that ironic."

Coraal nods at the shadow, then speaks again, "The avoidance of death is a fear many share, aye. Would the acceptance of fact help to losen his own torment, and perhaps set the both of you free?"

Anelinde paces over in front of Coraal, stopping before him. "Maybe."

Mandus leans and whispers loud enough to be heard by all, "I believe Coraal's plan will be better for the both of them. My plan would be somewhat violent, and while I think it would work, it should be relegated to our back-up plan."

Coraal nods again, offering a gentle, calm smile. "Sweet child, you both suffer greatly. One in the tormented grip of fear, the other held fast by that same torment. Perhaps he can be made to understand this"

Anelinde continues her pacing back and forth, stopping briefly before each dreamer. "Please... set me free."

The dark whispers echo again, bouncing off the walls of the room.

Anelinde freezes mid-pace. "I.... I have to go." And she vanishes, leaving a fine mist in her wake.

The dark whispers come together again. "Do not meddle."

A large, dark shadow passes through the room and vanishes, leaving an air of misery.

With that we took our leave after a brief goodbye to Anelinde. -{S}
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