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Monday Night Study Hall

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Monday Night Study Hall

Post by Elmer »

I just wanted to give a brief accounting of tonight's Study Hall as a newer, and returning teacher who has recently dusted off a halo.

Jawsman is the Organizer of this weekly event. I arrived a bit late but it was very well attended.

Teachers in Attendance (at one time or another) in no particular order.
Some teachers left before the event was finished, myself included, and some arrived later. Some arrived after I departed, but I located them in the Teaching Hall and have added them also.

Off Kilter
Zaleria & Kimmy
Ironies II

Others in attendance

Zsa Zsa
Prince of Void

The crowd was jovial and in good spirits, many new tasks were given out and many others were reported. It was nice to see the camaraderie. Zsa Zsa was able to get sparkles for her doll who was woefully bereft. Little Kimmy made the usual rounds, greeting everyone and being adorable. We were treated to beautiful harp music by Koriania and impromptu ballet dancing by Sadara. Mandus made a new little friend in the form of a small lime green gecko. Off Kilter kept his green "sammiches" to himself, so it was a good night all around.

All in all I think that these sorts of things are a great idea, especially for those who often have trouble finding teachers at certain times of day, on that particular note, it would be a great idea to maybe have an additional one one earlier in the day or even very late at night once in awhile for the folks who find it nearly impossible to get tasks completed due to them not being able to dream at "Prime Time". I also remember my Mentor Tamarisk telling me during my training, that in the "old days" some teachers would choose a set day and time when they would teach or make an appointment book, which is of course what this Study Hall is on a grand scale.

Well done Jawsman. It was good to see everyone, two who were in attendance I did not know or formally introduce myself to, but I will track you down and do just that!

If I have missed anyone, please forgive me, I have trouble at times tracking many people at once coming and going in a large gathering. If I missed you, let me know and I will add you to the report.

Thank you everyone.
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