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8th Sphere Break Down

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8th Sphere Break Down

Post by Dina »

After many weeks, I have accomplished or tried to accomplish many things against the Mares in our City. I had tons of help throughout the weeks and I thank you all again. Below shows when and what was done each week or so. I am placing all the events here incase you are unaware of what I have done.

1. Join me on 02/11/2021 at 5pm DST. We will be gathering in the Library. We will get into teams and go out searching for these chaotic items, so later we can get rid of them. If you want to help the City out, please be there!

Thursday 2/11/21 5pm DST

It took a little while to get things started, but we had a few that was able to make it!

I want to thank Tember, Krodoc, Flower of Cienn, Ruben, Braelynn, Pure Rage, Starfall, and Koriania! Please seek Grandma Jo for your participation reward!

Tember and Flower found a big nest of heads on West Valley and some in a sanctuary.
Ruben and Dina checked out EP, CoD, AoE, and Ossuary...we luckily found none there but I knew there are some on Basins.
Braelynn and Rage checked EB, Chasm, and Cairn, they also scoped out the Lost Sea and found 6 heads and 1 egg in there.
Krodoc checked Glooms, Caudal, and Dorsal. He lurked around Lost Caves and found some heads there.
Koriania and Starfall checked all of Trinity and found nothing there. Kori said that the half ring and pile of heads on fire in Lost Caves was set up by Poxxom.

I found a head on Umbrics near Threshway and melko
I am going to work on getting rid of the heads thoroughly. We will be digging them out now that they are mostly rotten.

If you want to help out, please come! We will start in PoR thresh and start on the Valley at 6PM DST on Wednesday 2/24/21.
2. Last night 2/25/2021 we had a great turnout, many people showed their support and helped getting rid of the eggs and dreamer essences.

Some took some needed strength to shovel up. I had made some Excavators: "A medium-sized handle craft from a long, girthy wooden shaft. At the other end of the shaft a large trowel with a rounded point made with minerals from the Chasm of Souls. Combined with the minerals, a strong blend of elements has been infused."

They came in real handy getting those essences and eggs out of the ground. Everything was already rotten from the poison that it wasn't too bad. We had more issues with the egg in Thresh Pits than the rest. We had Krodoc, Ruben, and Harkyn digging deep to get that dangerous egg out. With their efforts and us Soulmasters healing them over and over, they managed to get rid of it! GOOD JOB GUYS!

One thing I am a bit concerned about. When we were at the Lost Sea getting rid of the egg that was there. When we took out the poison staff, the room filled with a short duration of poison. Every time I evoked antidote, the poison filled my body instantly, so please be aware of this. If it doesn't go away, we will have to fix that room. The beach is where it is happening. I do apologize and I will fix it if it does not go away! If you go there and feel the poison, please let me know. The poison staff could have leaked into the water or it could have been from the egg when we dug it up and might have went away. We will see and react promptly.
3. So, on 3/4/21 a few of us gathered together to talk about the damaged portal to Horron's Lair room in Caudal. Those that were there and participated was: Krodoc, Braelynn, Ruben, Starfall, Melko, Dumah, Koriania, Tember, Harkyn, Pinhook, Shae, and Master Elson. Thank you all for showing up! I do appreciate it.

These were the ideas brought up:
1. Ruben brought up using energy like Mengyao did a while back. Ruben also brought up trying to summon Lady Calenture to help.
2. Starfall suggested connecting the portals, unseal them, then power up a reconnection.
3. Dumah has suggest making a super shatter.

This is what we plan on doing. We found out that Pure Rage put the ward up on the portal to keep from anyone going in and getting hurt, so I will be talking to Rage to help take the ward down. Then we will have Krodoc work on making a hammer to put the portal back to where it should be. I will be out trapping some energy to fix the portal. If all goes well, next Thursday we will have the portal fixed.

After the portal is fixed, I plan on putting my last poison staff in there to get rid of any chaotic dreamer essences or any eggs that may be in there.

Also after the meeting, Pinhook had a special "Feces Swirler" made by Master Floyd to clear out the poison from the Lost Sea. We placed it there to clear the poison out.

He made:'A funky looking vaccuum style thing with tubes spitting up and out of the main central tube. When turned on it pulls from teh center and crystal clear water exists out the tubes. A note is taped firmly to the back: "This here will pull shit up thay ... uh middle part, ayn' spit awful clear watuur out thay sides. Dontcha attach it ta y'alls backside, its been known ta suk innards straaheet out ya'alls ass ayn' we don't insure the repauur on that there kaand av thing. But come tell us bout it! ~Floyd" '

Time will tell and we will see if this works.
4. Thursday 3/11/21

Ok what a night...lets start off with before the event, poor Wishbringer was Dreamstruck, so I wasn't sure if this event would still happen with all that is going on, but we went a head and did it. We had a good group. Krodoc, Pure Rage, Braelynn, Flower of Cienn, Ruben, harkyn, Melko, Jade, forgive me if I have forgotten someone, it was a crazy night! Pure Rage was put to the test on the portal on the outside on your way going into Horron's Lair. He was able to shatter that ward with ease and took hardly any effort!

Then we went inside and it was full of fire, Krodoc and Rage took down the Horron within seconds so we got started on the portal. The night before, Krodoc and I trapped 4000 energy, so that was used and I made some elemental stars that was infused with each element. I placed all the of this down in front of the portal. We used some of our own element to help it along as well. Krodoc had used his big hammer "A large, carefully etched hammer head that sits fixed atop a handle that is warm to the touch. The hammer head has a rough exterior except for the striking surface, which is very smooth. Through the hammer is a series of etchings that seem to have no meaning, yet they glow in a dim, pulsing golden hue." to knock the protal loose a bit so the energy and elements could work around it, to mend it.

After some time, Nocven Oneirsom showed up and was "peaceful", he asked what we were doing and we explained that the portal there was broken by Eldryck. Shortly after that, Eldryck walked through the portal and in mere seconds, was Dreamstruck by Nocven! Then he waltzed over to the portal and twirled his finger, the portal started spinning again!

I've never had a striking happen during one of my events till tonight! Recall is my friend though!
5. This coming Thursday 3/18/21 I will be trying to close the DA Portals from the DA to the City. This will just be an attempt.

I will give more information when we meet up Thursday and we will meet at 6pm DST in DoL Thresh.

Keeping the chaotic beasts at bay should be a priority to everyone in our City.

Well, this was postponed due to not enough dreamers dreaming, but we were able to do it Saturday 3/20/2021.

Thank you all that could help, I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. I had the help from Braelynn, Pure Rage, Ironies II, Flower of Cienn, Tember, and Magnilia.

We started on Sunroof Cavern, Lower Umbric Planes. The ground was a bit easier there to place the Pipe "An apparatus that works like a whistle. When a mare is near, the apparatus is triggered letting off a high pitch noise that deters chaotic beasts from going any further from the Dark Awakening portal" down.

After that pipe we went to Northeast Cave, Lost Caves. Pure Rage was able to get this pipe down into the ground. With the rock in the room, I knew it would take some muscle to get that one placed

Then we placed one in Cavern of Battle, Chasm of Souls. This one was a bit tricky. I needed Pure Rage to DreamQuake to loosen up the ground to put the pipe in, ​but it did work!

Next was Southeast Sanctuary Entrance, Ossuary of Dread, which I was able to easily get that one into the ground. Had no issues with that one.

Far Northeast Glade, Harrow was next on the list. again, this one was easier than others since the ground is a bit softer, so no problems with this one.

Middle Water Tunnel, Upper basin, another place where the mares spawn. Since this one is a tunnel with water, this one was very easy to put in. Braelynn volunteered to place this one and she did a fantastic job. She was able to get it in really deep!

The last one, The Nest, Palisade was the hardest. All rock and you could feel the chaos swarming around. Ironies II was able to finish this one. He used his cloak to fly around and place this one in the right spot. This one took some time and luckily Ironies was there to help.
6. A couple days later, we heard Picco and her friend growling and scratching because they had a hard time getting through the DA portal at the Lost Caves. We ran down there to see what was going on, but Picco busted through that portal finally and out came the anger. I quickly laid down some eggs as they entered, hoping to poison her. She picked all 3 eggs up! We had a long fight with both of the Darkmares, but eventually won! Unfortunately the pipes didn't work, but at least it an attempt.

Picco is very angry with me, she put claws that stagger you when you walk out the portal from DoL! I have given a task to Jade to try and get rid of them! I hope she can and I plan on helping her.
7. Yesterday 4/26, Harkyn and I went and scoped out the Acropolis and found the power room. It was lit up with so much energy, I had a thought...What would happen with too much energy? Mhmmm, I am hoping to do something that is drastic and negative to these damn Darkmares. Once and for all! Tonight, if you are dreaming I could use your help! I am going to create items with an electric current and then Sunday at 5pst DST, I plan on experimenting with these devices to see if it will either blow up the place or make everything close down!

What could possibly go wrong right?

Please, if you can help out in any way tonight or Sunday, please seek me out tonight and on Sunday at 5pm DST.

Ok so, this was a hard long night. On Saturday 3/27 Jade, Rage, and Brae helped me get some rods to start charging, by Sunday evening they were charged up completely. We went to the Acropolis. There was a few of us, if I forget names, please let me know and I will update my scroll. Braelynn, Flower of Cienn, Jade, LadySilver, Pure Rage, and myself.

We found the Generator Room and laid down 2 energy rods (A tall rod imbued with elements that create an energy current going through it. While it sits, it gains more of a cluster of energy.) in the main room and then 1 in the Power Room. We focused our energies into them to get them to start connecting with the others that were in the room.

The rods absorbed into the chaos and then disappeared! We could sense there was some destruction going on in the City. but then, Sharque in dreamer form appeared and told us we made a huge mistake and that she will teach us not to mess with the Acropolis, she then snatched Braelynn! We were going frantic and located her up at the Monastery of Shadow. We went there in a hurry and we could sense she was there in on the facade, but could not find her.

That is when some of us left and found destruction on Threshold Way of West Valley, Evernight Plateau, and Trinity Fields. There were fires and the rods that disappeared earlier from the Acropolis. I had a thought and others did as well that we needed to get those fires and rods taken out to free Braelynn. Before trying to get the rods and fires gone, we had a Darkmare Ssun-Kith that decided to toy with us, I heard people say he is nice, well he wasn't nice at all! After getting rid of the rods and fires, which I thank Liolira, LadySilver, Myridian Sun, and Sadara, we saw Braelynn back at the Acropolis. We ran there and we saw Braelynn, but she was struck with blind and no hearing at all. She was also highly traumatized. I advised her to get her out of the Acropolis at once, so Pure Rage took her hand and escorted her out part way, but then used rally to get her to the portal to Caudal Rift.

On my way out there, I saw Nocven Oneirsom running around and hurried out to tell Rage to hurry and get her out of here. He ran as fast as he could to the portal to the Lost Caves and got her to the Sanctuary there. We thought she would be safe there, but we were wrong, Nocven followed us all the way there, a room right behind us. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! BUT HE TOOK HER! He stole our lady of the night dress and took her to the Palisades! So, then we all ran there! Well I did stop off at the FreeSpirit Meeting to let everyone know what has happened and unfortunately no one really seemed to care. Koriania did say I left in a hurry and didn't know how to get there, she did appologize and I thank her for that. For all the others that didn't care, don't look to me for help when it is needed. Liolira, DoL, and Ladysilver was all there for her. Thank you all. We now have Braelynn back at the house and being nurtured by her family. We are trying our best to help her.

Well...an experiment that went wrong once again by Dina and it won't be the last time. At least I tried to do something to better the City, but you win some and you lose some.
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