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A plum book rest on the ground opened to a page...

Dear Diary,
The longer I wait to collect myself, to get my words on paper, the longer I prolong the inevitable. From Dream to Shard, Shard to Dream... things dont add up things dont make sense. Things seem to warp, transfer over, go in-between. The expanse as grand and as vast as it is, couldnt prepare me for what such revelations that were revealed.

In the dream, Father spoke to me today, he spoke with grace. Unlike his slow way of speaking, Alder spoke as if it was a melody to my ears. However the words that captured my attention in our discussion were the revelations of not only the Club of Nuvas being apart of him, however how the bearer of the club was connected to me.

Eldryck Venym, is my brother.

A statement that I feared to acknowledge, though a fear that I felt... I knew it my heart and didnt want to accept. To hear it from my own fathers mouth...

This man, Eldryck... could it be.. truly Sendea... in the Dream? How... did he live? I saw him get carried away... I saw... him die. Soon enough I guess... this will be his true death. I regret.. Im sorry Eldryck.-{S}

The page ends.
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