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Last Nights Haiku event

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Last Nights Haiku event

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Thank you to all who attended last nights Haiku event. Understandably folks were shy and apprehensive about jumping into something new. To the three dreamers who did participate fully I wanted to say what a job well done.

I would like to share their Haiku with all of you now.

Crazy Dreams find us
but they do not define us
things will get better
~Flower of Cienn

Through the longest night
Shadowed moon protects with love
Sleet her silver tears

Exploring the dream
Manipulating fabric
Dreamseers one and all
~Fin Marda

Judging was done by myself and Sadara of the Wordsmith guild and we both found Flower's Haiku to be the winner though all three were quite amazing and encapsulated their topics well.

Thank you everyone for attending.
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