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Chimeric Decree

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Chimeric Decree

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Today, November 20th, a conclave of the four houses, Alliance of the Eclipse, House Calenture, the Order of Harmony, and the Monastery of the Shadow met upon the matter of Eldryck Venym’s crimes against the city. For the pattern of hostile behaviors toward the city and its inhabitants, including but not limited to the following:
  • Using his club to Strike Koriania
  • Using his club to Strike Harkyn
  • Using illusory house prime artifacts to manipulate dreamers
  • Anchoring hostile aura talismans to bypass the protection of the free spirit sanctuary
  • Using an illusion of Koriania to discourage action to return her
  • Untraining dreamers in arts for capricious reasons unrelated to abuse of the arts in question
  • Threatening to Strike both individual dreamers and entire houses.
  • Attacking dreamers with arts that penetrate defensive arts for his own amusement
the Conclave of Houses unanimously decrees the following:
  • Eldryck Venym is to be permanently separated from his club
  • Eldryck Venym is to be permanently exiled from the City of Underlight.
The Conclave of Houses requests all necessary aid be rendered toward these ends by any dreamer possessing the means to aid in carrying out this decree in the days ahead.


Starfall _-*, Ruler of the Monastery

Those present:
MoS: Starfall, Seveiron
HC: Kelos, OfF KiLTeR, Liolira, Dumah, Ballaster
OoH: Nmoto, Sadara
AoE: Fin Marda, Icarus, Rafe
FrS: Drizzt do’Urden (though still undemoted from AoE)

(Below are additional lines for the signatures of house leadership)
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