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Lost Sea and Lower Palisades

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Lost Sea and Lower Palisades

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Recent Update:
Just the other day there was a quarrel within the Lost Sea, with the Revenant. She appeared after the Veiled Woman showed us some history within the Lost Sea. A battle between the Sapphires and Emeralds. After the showing the Veiled Woman placed a statue that darkened and summoned the Revenant. The Revenant then said that she was home. A fight broke out where she collapsed twice. The second time restoring herself. As of now within the Lost Sea the Temple has been closed once again, and the Egg that the Revenant took back from the Calenture Thresh is sitting at the entrance of the DA portal.

Now after licking our wounds in Thresh after the battle the City began to shake so, Anyasha and I went to patrol the Lower Palisades. And there was a troubling discovery, the Crown of Parity was moved from off the Altar and was placed in the Queen's Throne. Resting in the seat of the Throne.

As of now the Altar seems to not be powered... however I will keep a close eye on it to be sure.

The egg that was in the Lost Sea, in the Temple sitting on the edge of the DA portal, it hatched. It hatched into the Echten Squire. After a small battle with Ralok, and some throwing of chaks by... me at the Squire.. Hrrum came in and explained to the Shadow members Severion and Koriania why I was so... on edge at seeing the Echten Squire as they both saw the Squire rather adorable. After Hrrum spoke on the Darkness and why he reverted his way of being with the Darkness it got rather... sad. Hrrum explained to the Squire that all of his comrades were either killed by the Darkness in the Dark Altar or killed by Mandus. The Echten began to cry in a very desperate attempt at attacking Hrrum and calling him a traitor. However Hrrum got the Echten Squire to calm down, and talked with him. I woke to not invoke anymore stress on the Squire.-{S}

So tonight within the Lower Palisades another Egg was taken from the Revenant and brought into the Laboratory of the Lower Palisades. OfF Kilter and I were there to watch the Revenant corrupt the Egg and hatch it instantly into the Echten Hellion. OfF and I did not intervene as the Revenants overall strength outnumbered both of ours. The Echten Squire also appeared to welcome his brother. The Hellion is rather young and has a drum that he plays. Sixx, Koriania, and Nathan appeared as well to see the Echten Hellion. After some talking and playful banter, Koriania and I tried to persuade the Echten to forgo their path of guarding the Coven. However it seemed that they were very resistant to such an idea, stating that they are very loyal to the Coven and that the Coven gives them purpose. However I believe that their might still be hope for them yet, before they grow up any further. -{S}

So just the other day another Echten hatched from the Lost Sea eggs, within the Sewer side of the Lost Sea. The Echten Trooper appeared. And with her instruction we placed the last two eggs next to each other, taking the egg from the Mt. Illaspe and placing it next to the one in the Lost Sea on the beach side of the Lost Sea. -{S}
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