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Notes: The Coven of Echt

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Notes: The Coven of Echt

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"The Darkness created dimensions of Underlight in order to manipulate his brother’s faithful right under his nose. In doing so, the Darkness accumulated his own following that later became the Coven of the Echt. Due to the Coven’s experiments, time itself started to fracture and created a loop." - Thea Bloom, the Radiance Creed.

Reminder: The Yissen Cleric is Thea Bloom before her memories were restored.
  • Yissen Cleric: Those hooded figures are the Coven.
    Yissen Cleric: The same as you saw in the earlier vision.
    You Say: Breena and Kalideo are in the Coven then possibly?
    You Say: No That is different!
    You Say: The Coven of Secrets, completly different
    Yissen Cleric: There is no way you could have encountered those...people.
    Ashlynne: the coven of Echt
    Ashlynne: or how ever you say it
    You Say: Wait so Breena and Kaliedo were? what?
    Yissen Cleric: I don't know who those people are
    You Say: Do you possibly have a name for any of the Coven members?
    Yissen Cleric: The Coven of the Echt are the - or they were - the dreamers who made all of us into what we are now.
    Yissen Cleric: No.
    Yissen Cleric: It would be hard to guess. We have relived this cycle so many times, each time lasts hundreds of years.
    Yissen Cleric: They made her into the form she is now...that seems to have changed the cycle.
    Yissen Cleric: It seems they learned how to do this recently.
    Yissen Cleric: It is omnipotent when contained in the Lower Palisade. The more it ventures forth from there. The more changes it tries to maintain....the more spread out its power must be.
    Yissen Cleric: The more of your City it destroys and corrupts, the weaker it will be in Lower Palisade.
    Yissen Cleric: We have never gotten it right, but the way to destroy the Darkness is to let it destroy part of you without consuming you fully.
    Yissen Cleric: You asked a question earlier, about the time we almost won. Or we think we almost won.
    Yissen Cleric: We made it to the Dark Altar. Our sister was restored and empowered. The Darkness was spread so thin, we could barely find a Sanctuary when not attacking.
    Yissen Cleric: She ascended the Altar, but Yissen within our own ranks turned on us and Struck her.
    Yissen Cleric: We had never accounted for our own brethren to side with The Darkness in the final moment. They must have been planning it all along.
    Yissen Cleric: Our deepest pasts and secerts are hidden even to us, stripped away and manipulated with deception by the Coven of the Echt.
    Yissen Cleric: Our lifeforce is sustained by The Darkness. Our mortal selves died many eons ago.
    Yissen Cleric: But maybe that isn't true.
    Alina Sedros: Each time, the Coven tweaks my power, my memories, my experiences...trying to find the perfect equation to get me to usher in the Apocalypse.
    Alina Sedros: This time, they noticed your Revenants and made me into one. It changed the cycle. We can break it, finally.
    Alina Sedros: But so can they.
    Alina Sedros: I can't be trusted. The Yissen would end up falling to me. Kanto doesn't have the stomach to Strike.
    Alina Sedros: An Echten is created by killing someone and imbuing them with Darkness.
    Alina Sedros: I want to believe it is The Darkness trying to scare us, to keep us out of Lower Pallisade.
    Alina Sedros: No...well, not really.
    Alina Sedros: They are the Coven. They can harness the Darkness and collapse the Dream itself.
    Alina Sedros: Think of every Elder you've ever known, combined, and multiplied by a thousand.
    Alina Sedros: If you see a human member of the Coven, you have maybe four minutes to live.
    Alina Sedros: They wear hooded robes. The High Priest, an old woman, and a young boy.
    Alina Sedros: If *I* felt the Coven within this City, I would give up.
When Bloody and Alina tried to sealed off the Dark Altar the first time.
  • Hooded figures suddenly appear from far off in the blackness of the room, one at each corner.
    The hooded figures walk further into the room, down the flowing black ooze, towards the Altar.
    Uthanatos: Yissen, what are they?
    Mandus winces and shakes his head a few times, casting bits of black ooze off his form, "Neki Mrul.."
    Alina Sedros: I hope just a vision of the Coven.
    The hooded figures seem to melt into the blackness and the Altar begins to radiate violently!
    A small boy, cowled in a black hood, rushes in from a corner of the room, jumps on the Altar and stabs Bloody Teeth!
    The boy turns, lunges at Alina Sedros and stabs a ghostly dagger in her also!
    The boy wraps Alina Sedros' soulsphere in his cloak and they both disappear.

The second attempt after the Darkness was weakened.
  • A young boy, cowled in a black floor-length robe appears in one corner of the Shrine.
    An old woman, bent over, face obscured, appears in another corner.
    A gorgeous woman appears in another corner. Her eyes are bleeding.
    A man appears. Imposing. Ageless. A calm fury. He begins to walk towards the Altar.
    The man evades all attempts to stop him. He continues a death march to the Altar.
    The Darkness wraps itself around the man. He begins to ascend the stairs.
    Energy crackles down from the Crown through Bloody Teeth, and starts to scatter across the surface of the Altar
    Nathan fights the darkness with a potent cast of radiant blaze!
    You gaze in awe at OfF KiLTeR's weave, but may still act freely!
    You stare at Purple Lace's dazzling weave and are hypnotized by it!
    Argh! You can't move!
    The Darkness begins exploding in fierce waves as the energy of the Crown attacks the Altar!
    The man stands in front of the Altar. The other three hooded figures materialize beside him.
    >Bloody Teeth steps onto the altar and attemps to pierce it with its glaive
    The Altar ruptures!!
    >Alina Sedros is forced off the Altar, regains coherence and lends all of her power to Bloody Teeth!
    The Altar cracks and Darkness begins to explode in death throes!
    The four hooded figures begin to reach out to the Altar...slowly, as if suspended in time...
    Alina Sedros: They're resetting it now - hurry!
    >Bloody Teeth removes the crown from its skull and places it on the altar.
    The entirety of Lower Palisade explodes with energy!
Reminder: Re-read Entry 93 in the Archives.

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