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A Guide to Forge Talisman

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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A Guide to Forge Talisman

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Forge Talisman is a great place to begin thinking about the relationship between you, our avatars and the dreamstate. Forge involves input from us, to our avatars, to the dream. Forge also involves output from the dream, to our avatars to us. Through our various interactions of input into the dream, will result in order and chaos. Through the dreamstates various interactions with us, will result in order and chaos. Consider the following diagram.


Balance can be found on many levels in our unique relationship to the dreamstate. At a macro level, the dreamstate itself is an equilibrium of order within our walls and chaos outside the walls, however these are not absolutes. There are several weak spots in the boundaries of our city, which I believe are where lesser nightmares like emphants are able to spawn. The rifts such as Caudal and Dorsal, perhaps even the Acropolis rift show us that even entire planes can be susceptible as a whole to more chaotic influences than other planes.

At a micro level, you and I are also an equilibrium of order and chaos. Some individuals are more susceptible to chaotic influences than others. Nevertheless, our ideas, speech and actions can positively or negatively impact each other and the dreamstate. Just as our arts can positively or negatively impact our or each others avatar. The effects within the construct of our city can free our actions or paralyze us. Blind us or provide sight.

You and I are the lifeline to our avatars, just as the Dreamsoul in our avatars or soulsphere (even a minimal amount that can't sustain coherance) is the our lifeline to the dreamstate. In the end, it is our consciousness and a conscious dreamstate that shape and mold our and it's future.

Congratulations on learning forge talisman!
"Where should I forge at?"
"Now what?"
"What should I create?"
"What if I mess up?"
"What are the consequences?"

These are a few important questions you may ask yourself when you first begin to leverage the art of Forge Talisman to mold your ideas.
Where should I forge at?
Although there are dedicated rooms in the city for forging, your avatar will provide the necessary energy for you to forge from any room or plane in the city. The temporary cost of Dreamsoul (50) from your avatar can leave you more susceptible to be collapsed, which is why I recommend you forge within a sanctuary if possible. Accidents happen. If you haven't already, navigate to a sanctuary and lets prepare to forge.
Now what?
As an exercise, lets examine a talisman you have in your pack. Select a talisman, ideally one with functionality that came from a generator. (Elemen, Alteror, Chakram, etc). If you haven't already, use the art Identify to inspect the item. What information do you derive from inspecting the item?
The Blood Beige Elemen has 1 function and 24 charges - Function #1: Change Stat - Stat : Dreamsoul; Modifier : +35

Depending on the talisman, you may gather the following information about the talisman:
  • Name
  • Skill level required
  • Function quantity
  • Charges
  • Description
This output of information will be your guide on most of the input required to constructing a talisman successfully. Lets begin forging.
What should I create?
You don't necessarily need to have this defined before evoking Forge Talisman, however lets begin by trying to create a replica of the talisman you inspected before. Begin your Forge evocation. As you may know, some arts require a target to be selected. Forge, however, requires several forms of input from you. The forge art will facilitate the necessary input requirements:
  • Name
  • Charges
  • First Color
  • Second Color
  • Shape ((graphic))
  • Function
  • Form (( description)
Recall the output from your inspection of the talisman in your pack. In an effort to recreate this talisman, focus your thoughts to each input required and match them as best as you can.
The Blood Beige Elemen has 1 function and 24 charges - Function #1: Change Stat - Stat : Dreamsoul; Modifier : +35
  • Name: Blood Beige Elemen
  • Charges: 24
  • Shape (( graphic )): Elemen
  • First Color: Blood
  • Second Color: Beige
  • PT Cost: 0 (Power Tokens (PT) can provide you with additional energy for creating more powerful talisman.)
  • Change Stat: Dreamsoul
  • Modifier: +35
    Form (( description )): <From your inspiration>
Now, you're going to run in to some issues right away trying to create a replica of this talisman. Here are some considerations:
  • Must be > 0 but <= your Forge Talisman art level. If you've just learned Forge and your art level is 1, you'll only be able to input 1 charge for a successful talisman creation.
  • Input highest amount of charges = to your forge art level.
First Color:
  • Each focus is limited to 4 colors. This is intentional for determining what focus you want your talisman to be usable by, like a Chakram.
  • Unless you are a DreamSeer, you cannot input the first color of Blood.
  • Pick any color.
  • Stat Change
  • Modifier: +35
  • A low Forge Talisman art level wont allow you to create an elemen with +35 stat change. Very few in the dream are skilled enough to craft such a talisman. As you improve your art level, more ranges in stat changes will become accessible.
  • Pick the highest + modifier accessible.
Form (( description )):
To truly replicate this talisman, you would avoid imbuing additional properties in the form of a description. For 99% of cases, this NOT acceptable and you SHOULD imbue additional properties to the talisman in the form of a description.
Think back to the elemen you inspected early on. Use it as inspiration and choose to include your interpretation as a description or however wish to portray the functionality of the talisman you're creating.
I personally craft my elemens that appear like: "A mass of dreamsoul wisps and rotates around a focal point. As the particles swirl, ones farthest from the center are absorbed into your avatar as needed. Specks of Will flash randomly.

After you've input all required fields (including a description) focus your dreamsoul into the completion of the talisman. If the creation was successful, the talisman will be available for you to inspect in your pack. Identify it and ensure the output of the information you receive matches the input you provided when creating the talisman. Observe if the additional properties of how you wished to portray the talisman to others is as you intended.
What if I mess up?
We are not perfect and we will create imperfectly, however, thats not to say we did not create as we intended to. Sometimes the shape (( graphic )) of the talisman did not turn out correct, perhaps the colors input did not turn out as you would like. Perhaps you left an unintended side effect while portraying your talisman. These are all normal and you just simply start over. No big deal. If your talisman required external materials for its creation, you may have to go acquire more. In the mean time, consume your inferior creation until it evaporates or destroy it with Destroy Talisman.
What are the consequences?
Consequences are enforced by Elder Master Teachers and/or the Dreamsmith Guild but applied by Elder Master Teachers. Consequences stem from abuse of the art, which are most commonly from:
  • Circumventing the city generators by an abundant misuse of forging supplies for a house.
  • Blatant and continued misuse of not properly forming your talisman. (( Not providing a description. )) Not forming your talisman should be a design choice, not a result of laziness or item generation.
  • Circulating inferior formed Talismen. Use it or destroy it instead.
Art Improvement / What should I do with this dreamsoul elemen I created?

Use it. It will help replenish the Dreamsoul that was expended in creating the talisman. In fact, this is an acceptable pattern to improve your Forge Talisman art level. Initially as you can only create weaker stat change talismen, you may want to leverage a Dreamsoul pad while improving the art.
Any easy dreamsoul pad to reach is the Sanctum of Gerriel Endeth. This room resides within the Citadel plane. Find the West Shore and take the path through the Approach and Shrine to reach the Sanctum of Gerriel Endeth. Position yourself near Endeth's soulsphere, between the two torches and observe that your Dreamsoul will replenish faster. Shortening the evoke / creation loop will increase the output of talismen you create and therefore will result in improving your art level.

Don't forget the art Meditation is a powerful way to concentrate on a particular element and restore your avatar's element pool.

I personally haven't used this approach with improving the Forge Talisman art, however a popular method to art improvement is having your avatar temporarily cursed. If you are not a soulmaster, gaining access to such an effect is usually just a polite ask of a SoulMaster for their assistance. Imbuing charms or alterors is a popular way to assist other dreamers in improving their art levels.

Like our other arts, to reach each tenth level requires a Forge Talisman plateau task. To plateau your Forge Talisman art, seek a quest from a Dreamsmith. Dreamers marked with a gold sphere crest are Dreamsmiths. Only these dreamers may train in Forge Talisman.
What other applications can I use my creation(s) for?
It is highly encouraged for you to supplement your current efforts with tools and talismen that will further your or other's agenda. Often times a dreamer or groups of dreamers are working on a larger project which has many moving parts and phases. Identify a need in that project and craft something that will assist you or others in succeeding.... or failing!!!

Create for an event
  • Tools
Create for the dream
  • Landscaping
  • Decorations
  • Art
Create for yourself or others
  • Tools to assist you in forging
  • Gifts
  • Supplement your students quests by crafting quest items to be issued with the quest.
Mark your creations!
It is traditional for each forger to leave their mark or signature upon the talisman created. Some folks etch in a symbol or their initials into the talisman they create. I personally leave traces of Will or press a golden fingerprint into the form of the talisman. Marking your talisman helps others identify the owner should it be lost or can attribute the grandeur (or lack of) to a name. Find something unique to you and practice marking your creations. Your mark may evolve over time or change completely. The important part is that it is uniquely but recognizably marked. Take your time in crafting and be proud of what you produce. If you are not proud, do not distribute it - destroy it and improve upon it. Don't get discouraged.

Determine a medium to craft with
There many suitable materials to create from. Wood, sand, glass, clay and raw elements are all great mediums to explore crafting with. What interests you most? I personally enjoy making talisman from glass or using raw elements.
After you determine a medium, you can begin crafting tools to help you create within your medium. For glass, an important tool would be a blowpipe. Additionally a pair of jacks, paddles and punty. Practice using your tools and shape your talisman that you create - OR create your own medium, its your dream!

Forge Appendix
  • Names - Non-offensive names are encouraged to be imbued. (( 19 characters ))
  • Charges - May only be >= 1 and <= your Forge Talisman art level.
Common Shapes
  • Alteror
  • Artifax
  • Chakram
  • Charm
  • Compendium
  • Elemen
  • Shield
  • Talis
Uncommon Shapes
  • Blade
  • Codex
  • Egg
  • Feather
  • Flower
  • Gift
  • Pearl
  • Ring
  • Scroll
  • Staff
  • Star
  • Banner
Focus Shapes
  • GateKeeper - Ward
DreamSmith Shapes
  • Blade
Wordsmith Shapes
  • Banner
House Shapes
  • House crest.
  • First Colors: For focus specific talismen, like chakrams, the first color designates which focus can use the talisman.  
  • GateKeeper - Chalk (GK), Jade (DS), Azure(SM), Beige (FS)Dreamseer - Blood (GK), Teal (DS), Plum (SM), Tan(FS)SoulMaster - Fire (GK), Cyan (DS), Berry (SM), Earth(FS)FateSender - Gold (GK), Night (DS), Sand (SM), Abyss(FS)
  • Second Color: Any of the first colors. From generated talismen, the second color designates what effect, duration, or absorption (if any) are imbued into the talisman. This color coding rule does not apply to talismen created by a dreamer.
  • PT Cost: Power Tokens (PT) can be used to supplement your avatar in providing additional energy into your creations. This generally allows for crafting more powerful talismen.
  • Do Nothing Missile : Velocity (Melee): Effect : Damage
  • Player Effect : Effect : Duration
  • Armor : Current Durability : Max Durability : Absorption
  • Stat Change : Stat : Modifier (positive / negative)
  • Do Nothing - This function is intended to apply nothing to a dreamer's avatar.
  • Missile - This function is intended to produce projectiles to shoot or a melee weapon to swing. If another dreamer is struck by this talisman, an effect and/or damage will be applied to their avatar (if any were effect or damage were imbued upon creation.)
Effects which can be imbued are:
  • Chamele (DS major art)
  • Vision (DS major art)
  • Blind (FS major art)
  • Stagger (FS major art)
  • Paralyze (FS major art)  
  • Curse (SM major art)
  • Poison (SM major art)  
  • Deafen (Any - minor art)
  • Free Action (Any - minor art)
  • Protection(Any - minor art)
  • Resist Fear(Any - minor art)
  • Scare (Any - minor art)
Effect Stipulations:* You may only imbue an effect into a talisman if have learned the respective art. Imbuing may only take place during the creation of the talisman.
  • Player Effect - This function is intended to add or modify effects on your own avatar.
  • Armor - This function is intended to absorb a percentage of damage received. Current Durability, Max Durability and Absorption can only be >= 1 and <= to your current Forge Talisman art level
  • Stat Change - This function is intended to add or subtract a given element from the stores of your avatar temporarily.
Elements are Will, Insight, Resilience, Lucidity and Dreamsoul.

For additional information on Forge Talisman lore and research, see also https://wiki.underlight.com/Forge_Talisman
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