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Laieus' Notes- of Flames and Corruption

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Laieus' Notes- of Flames and Corruption

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It has now been a while that one of the Staves of Ascension in the library broke with a noticeable explosion.
As Dreamers came to the library to see what happened and was happening we saw that not only the staff broke but it also released a corrupted Flame.
Akkadian indicated that the likely way to purify the flame was to gather the flames of the Foci, Flames that come from each of the Focal Shrine, after a bit of deliberation and seeing that the flames weren't spreading a decent group of dreamers went to the Shrine of Lucidity, as the method to get the flame was postulated to besimilar to the method of opening the shrine, and this group did indeed manage to acquire the Flame of that shrine.

A pure blue white flame that had been cultivated from the Shrine of Lucidity.

that is the flame that was acquired. So the goal now is twofold. Firstly try and acquire the other Flames of the Shrines, and secondly figure out what exactly happened to the Staff and what caused the Corruption.

These Staves where initially brought in to the City by Akkadian and Dr Grave, to work on helping Dreamers of our city to gain additional Foci. I will not enter into a discussion as to if it is something we need right now. But I do believe it is something The City will need at one point thus something we should keep possible for the future and that stopping the corrupted flame before it does something bad to the Library is essential.

I believe that it might be possible to Identify what caused the corruption through the use of Runic Codi that would detect the composition of the Flames, although for that to work I'll need the help of some other dreamers. As I believe it would be best to have each Identification Rune held by someone of the Foci to help calibrate them. The Hope here is to be able to determine the composition of the Corrupted Flame and thus be able to find a way to gain more time for us to get the Flames of the Shrines.
If you're interested in helping or have ideas and additional precisions concerning this subject, do contact me.
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