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The Prize

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The Prize

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Care for it as if it were your own, or watch it melt to ash. Words that echoed in my mind as I edged my way through the forest in the middle basin. The trees were spread sparse and lay bare. Their dark, silvery trunks clinging to the ground through exposed roots; roots that wove their way across the grim dirt. I had to be careful not to trip as I walked, the entire forest floor was laden with them.

The air was still. Not a sound floated through it, save the crunch of my boots on the dry, dead ground. And that’s what this place was, or at least seemed: dead. There was no color, no life. The forest seemed empty, devoid of anything you might expect to see in a woodland. No mares, no water, no sunlight breaking its way through the canopy. The lack of leaves would have left the whole forest to bathe in the warm glow of the sun, were it not hidden beneath the perpetual cloud.

I came to a steeply crested dirt mound. Either side were trees, jagged roots and felled decaying logs. It seemed to be my only way forward. In my attempts to scramble up, I lost my footing and fell forward. I wasn’t quite sure how, my foot felt planted one second, then as if the ground was gone the next, but it didn’t matter. I had made it over the rise but landed on my stomach in the dirt. Peeling upright as quickly as I could, I frantically checked my pocket. To my relief, there was no harm done. My prize was safe. Dusting myself off, I continued onwards, heading deeper into the forest.

“Nasty isn’t it…”

I flew around, a haunting voice catching me by surprise. My heart in my mouth, my breath caught in my lungs, I found myself peering down at a haggard old woman, head spun with dry and curling white hairs. She was sat against the base of a tree, wore a tattered old white dress down to her feet, no shoes and a crooked smile.

“To be caught off-guard by a scary old woman in the middle of a forest” she continued her smile broadening. I nodded frantically in agreement.

“What brings you out here?” She pressed. “Alone”.

Her expression was warm but her eyes were cold. They were like the forest around me. Lifeless and empty.


“Nothing?” She replied, skeptically. “I doubt that very much.”

“What are you doing out here?” I asked, trying to turn the conversation to her.

“Hmm? Oh, just sitting.”


We looked at each other, an eerie smile on her face, what I imagined to be nerves on mine.

“I better head this way,” I said after a pause, edging away from her.

“Oh yes, you better had.” The old woman croaked. “It’ll be getting dark soon.”

I nodded awkwardly at her, scurrying away. Before I could move out of earshot, I heard her call.

“Must be very valuable, whatever is in your pocket.”

I turned back to answer, to lie or question her knowledge of what lay beneath the fabric of my clothes, but there was nobody to respond back to. The woman was gone.
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