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The Greatest Fear

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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The Greatest Fear

Post by -Lacie- »

A piece of fictional prose for your consideration.

My Master sent me out on a quest. Since he does this rarely, I felt there was some gravity to his actions, packed quickly and set out down the road I was instructed to take. Parchment in hand, I was to find out what frightened people the most.

Most people shoo'ed me away, threw things at me, or otherwise ignored my query. Finally, I took the southern fork in the road. It wasn't long before I happened upon a man, sitting on a wooden crate. I approached him, politely and asked if I could make a query from my Master.

The man lifted his head and replied that he would respond to the query. His tone at first was quite soft, but as he spoke, took on more the tone of a Ruler. "In the real world, I am but a pauper. I have no belongings, nor abode nor place to make a hot meal. But there, in that great City, I am the Ruler of one of the Great Houses of Underlight. My greatest fear.... is not being able to find a place to rest, so that I may see to my kingdom.... my kingdom in my dreams.

The second man walked up as the first man and I were finishing our conversation. He had a chiseled face, as if sun-baked for too many years. "I worked all my life and have little to show for it. I have a wife and children, but they aren't close. I didn't have time for them when they were young, and now they've all grown. My only, true love was a woman I met in my dreams. My greatest fear is that I cannot see her, each night when I lay down to sleep."

As I was making notes, a man came down the path, pulling a cart with a very old woman laying in a pile of fresh hay. Though she looked near to death, she had the most pleasant, content look on her face. The man said I could jump into the cart and ride for a while, if I would keep the woman company. I started right off with the query from my Master. The woman started to giggle, giddy as a school-girl, and grabbed onto my arm, with more strength than she seemed able to possess.

"Boy, I used to fear death. I thought when I was dead that I would not be able to dream any more at all! What a horrible thought! But I fear not now, and I'll tell you why!" She eased her grip as she laid back in to the soft hay, looking up at the beautifully clear sky. She turned to him and whispered, "I've been to the other side and know now.... dreams ~do~ come true." With her last word was her last breath, the same, content expression on her face.

I sat back, looking up into the sky and enjoyed the afternoon sun. It washed over me with its warmth and made my eyelids quite heavy. "Just enough time for a nap before I reach the next town." I put her hand in mine and closed my eyes to dream... just for a little while....

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