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The Dreamers Quintessential Guide to Sprinting

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The Dreamers Quintessential Guide to Sprinting

Post by Liolira » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:25 pm

Tis the Dream Gift,to run on the path,my feet are fast and swift.
Truly, any dream sprint I participate in, I believe, I always come in first,

it is like a great thirst a must do, when really alls I have to do, is say sorry and start.
for I tell myself, I have to win, the chaos is afoot when I am late for an event, Even when the dreamers understand.

Hourglass trickling, tipped upside down , dreamers awaiting my grand entrance, to teach, lecture it's wonders
Tis it an alarm, a warning to others..the mares roam, or an army moves towards it enemies plane?

Let me not forget, when soaking in a pond, to place my cloths back on, not wanting a judgement placed against my streaking form.
A picnic planned, I want it to be grand, a kiss in the hidden shadows, is not the time for sprint..a dream maiden or sire might becomes pissed

What is this Sprint?

Cost is 20 Willpower
Initial use is 1 minute, plus 1 minute per a plateu
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