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The Oracle of a Visit

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The Oracle of a Visit

Post by Princess » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:05 pm

I write this in my journal not so much to document the event, but to remember the experiences. The young one and I shift at will; somethings I remember, the other times she tries to block to maintain her own hold on the dream-state. I was speaking with Lord Belgereth; and then I seemed to go into a daze, a daydream of sorts. These words were whispered to him...

How does the bumble bee express thee ?
Authentically. flying free, or chased like a wasp, feared for its sting?
Cocoon, frozen in time, different city, alliance demanded to save a Heart that is shared between three cities of dreams.
..caught in a whirlwind to belong, setting roots, or scattered by mistrust.
how does a bumble bee express thee?

Later in our dreams that afternoon, into the dusk of evening a oracle came, no one could see her but me.
The other three dreamers, Flower of Cienne, Wishbringer and Lord Belgereth they thought I was bat shit crazy, talking to the wall.
For over ten minutes, I talked with her.
Her first words were very comforting to me, I sensed she did not want me to be scared, but to listen. It would have been an appropriate time to take evening tea. After-thoughts always make for good what ifs.
She asked me about Soul Evoke..If I myself ever engaged, I told her this avatar had, not I personally. I did not get into my dilemma with her, thank goodness she did not ask. I am clearly still embarrassed by this predicament I find myself in.
She asked me... to ask the others, I did, she listened intently to all the stories of sacrifice that unfolded, some of them of grief. Those definitely triggered me; I shifted once during the visit, she did not get control long. I used Lord Belgereth as a ground and shifted back in. The Oracle of Asmyr was satisfied with the responses and then appeared to the others. I felt relieved; my flush of embarrassment subsided, they knew I was not crazy after all. Just in a bad space, torn between this dreamer that dragged my mind with her into this dream-state, then subdued me so she could make it her playground. I know she did it to feel safe, the sad thing is, I keep paying the consequences for her actions. I remember the last words of the Oracle as my ear drums blasted in my ears, with a dull stress headache, those words were

"Oracle of Asmyr: All very useful information. Thank you for sharing.
I will reveal what I know when the time comes, very soon."
You see a pressed seal of wax is etched displaying in the center an empty Sigil. The etching is shaped in the manner of a coat of arms. The top right sector, a teacup, the top left, a dolly.
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