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The Mysterious Sphere - Journal Entry #2

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The Mysterious Sphere - Journal Entry #2

Post by -Lacie- » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:30 pm

The Caverns were my only respite from the outside and now it had been compromised. Not by looter, thief or vandal... that would be an easy fix. No, this was much more ... invasive. The Safe Haven had been created, making the ability at this level...possible. But that's not where the problems happen, is it? It's the afterwards, the side-effects, the after-shocks, rippling thru the City, that always bug up the best of well laid-out plans. The only safe place was the Crypt. It was, that is, until I set the Mysterious Sphere down next to then Book of Enigmas.

The first half of the riddle etched on the Sphere has been solved. This seems to have left the Sphere in a semi-active status. Where I used to find comfort and solace, I find waves of energy disturbing the Air in the chamber. This also seems to slightly irritate the Crucible's contents.

I have considered the reason for the disturbance in the Air, but after crawling through a rather lengthy tunnel, so only have a couple of possibilities.

First, the Sphere is what was gathered into a shadowy swirl of... something, twisted tight enough to form a Sphere. It created itself (?) as a by-product, a side effect of the creation of the Safe Haven. As such it may be in flux or just somehow irritated by the presence of the Book at its side.


She touches the tip of the quill to her other hand, pricking the skin, writes several lines, then cleans the tip of the quill

So, course of action - -

--Definitely need to finish the riddle's ritual and quickly.
--Run a few functionality tests on working areas.
--Consider Phase 3.

Screchethan Kabal
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